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The Great Benefits Of Shopping At Five Below Stores

Dollar stores have been very popular destinations to buy everyday items and holiday gifts at a low price. In 2002, one new store changed the choices made by consumers when it comes to shopping for the holidays and any regular time of the year. The store was called Five Below. Since then, this value retail shop has expanded into over 50 locations on the east coast. Dollar stores may always be a great place for consumers to find inexpensive household items, crafts and holiday gifts. However, Five Below stores have set themselves apart in many ways to make them one of the best shopping destinations for young men and women.

Here are 5 great benefits for shopping at Five Below Stores:

Cheap prices at Five Below Stores

You can probably save more at dollar stores, but Five Below is also cheap. I have visited some Five Below locations a few times and found lots of inexpensive items on the shelf. Everything in the store is $5 or less, making this a great place to shop if you do not have lots of money to spend. Another great benefit of Five Below stores when it comes to price is that you can get more for what you pay. Much like dollar stores, Five Below locations carry lots of merchandise where you get two or three items for the price of one.

Quality Merchandise at Five Below Stores

One benefit that I noticed about Five Below stores that really sets them apart from traditional dollar and value stores is the merchandise. There are items you can buy that may be sold by Wal-Mart or other larger retailers at higher prices. You can get household items and essentials for college dorm rooms for less than you would pay for the same item elsewhere. I was very surprised to see that Five Below stores also carries popular entertainment like books, games and movies. I saw a few copies of The Wedding Crashers, CSI Games and Wheel of Fortune at one Five Below location.

These Five Below stores also carry fun electronics and accessories such as wireless headsets and cell phone cases. By visiting a Five Below store, it is easy to tell that the quality of their merchandise is on a higher level than retailers that sell merchandise for just $1. You can buy everything from food, cosmetics, household furniture and clothing at Five Below stores. Just about all of these items are popular brands, not the generic items you may find at dollar stores. This is an additional benefit of shopping at Five Below stores.

Fundraising Opportunities with Five Below Stores

I have not known of many large retailers who offer fundraising opportunities for almost any organization. You do not have to be the chairman of a large group with Tom Cruise at your spokesperson to be able to hold fundraising events with Five Below stores. This is a great depiction of one company helping the little guy. You can raise money for your school, sports team or other organization by teaming up with Five Below stores. They will give you a percentage of the sales from a chosen location. That is like one store working for you without your club having to spend a lot of money to produce a fundraiser on your own. This would require little effort which includes creating awareness for the shopping event and collecting your funds afterward.

Five Below Stores are Spacious

The Five Below stores that I visited were easy to navigate through. This is a very pleasant experience during the holiday shopping season. Five Below stores are well lit and may even have someone there to help you find items on your shopping list. You can also find almost everything you need in this store. You can find accessories, bags, slim minimalist wallet, clothes and so many more. You just have to ve very wise in choosing the things you need to buy.  That is not to say that dollar stores and other value stores are small. I have been to some large dollar stores as well. However, there are numerous locations of value stores that have too little space for shoppers to move around with ease. You either end up knocking merchandise over accidentally or waiting longer to get out of the store because other shoppers are moving slow. That can be a big hassle during the holidays which is why more spacious stores are the best places to shop.

The Trendy Benefit of Five Below Stores

The quality of merchandise at Five Below stores is not great only because of their durability. These products are also modern in style and in popular demand among consumers. Many of the products I found at Five Below stores were items that I saw on TV, in magazines or in more expensive stores. That makes this value retailer all the rage when it comes to the modern shopper. This aspect is also shown in the design and layout of Five Below stores. Everything from the store’s logo to its interior and exterior appearance is colorful and will easily grab your attention.

If you are looking for cheap merchandise but want the same quality of more costly products, Five Below is a great place to shop. You can easily get in and out of the store without feeling crammed with other shoppers. The staff may also be very helpful. However, this could depend on the location that you visit. I have yet to encounter any problems at Five Below stores. If you do not have a lot of money and still need to get a few holiday gifts, this store can help you save a significant amount of money.

How to Antique a Wooden Door or Cabinet

Applying an antique finish to a door or cabinet is a fun and easy way of giving a room a new look. Light antique finishes can give a room a genteel cottage chic or beach shack look for those who love delicate, muted colors. For dens, cabins, and woodsy hideaways, a darker finish will add a rustic flair.

Complete antique finish kits can be purchased from your local Home Depot or Lowe’s but can also be done using these do it yourself instructions. Before beginning any of these projects, the door and drawer slides will have to be removed and placed on a work table in a well-ventilated area, such as in a garage. Door dings and scratches also should be repaired before applying the finish, or can be left alone to add character.


Whitewashing is a vintage painting technique in which a thin paint was applied to bare wood. In the old days, whitewash was made of salt and lime. These days, the look of whitewash can be recreated by diluting white latex paint with water in a 4:1 ratio.

For whitewash to take, the door should be stripped of the existing paint and lightly sanded before applying the wash.

  1. Working one section of the door at a time, use a 3″ brush to apply the whitewash taking care to follow the grain of the wood. Work the paint into the knots and deep grains with the twist of the rag. Let the paint dry for a couple of minutes.
  1. Wipe away the excess paint, again following the direction of the wood grain.
  1. Repeat these steps on another section of the door, until the entire area has been whitewashed.
  1. Let the door dry for 24 hours before applying a clear sealant to the whitewashed areas.

Antique Glazing

Antiquing is a method of applying a dark glaze over a base coat of paint to simulate aging. While this technique was typically used on furniture, it also looks fantastic when applied to an old paneled painted door or cabinet front. For this project, you will need a can of antique glaze in a contrast color, lots of soft rags, and a clean brush.

  1. Wash the door thoroughly with a degreaser, then rinse and let dry. Wipe down with denatured alcohol and let dry for 24 hours.
  1. Once the door has dried, apply the antiquing glaze with a brush. Antique glazing can be a little tricky to work within that the color sets quickly, and the areas brushed first will retain more of the color than the areas brushed towards the end. For best results, glaze one panel of the door at a time starting with the carved pieces first, and the flat section last.
  1. Let the glaze dry until it loses its sheen, and then remove the glaze using soft rags. Start with the flat centerpieces of the door panel first, then work out towards the trim pieces, leaving highlights in the crevices of the trim.
  1. After the glaze has completely dried, the door can be top-coated with a clear sealant.

Crackle paint

Crackle paint is another fantastic technique in which a crackle product is used to create that cracked, weathered look of old wood. For this antiquing technique, you will need a brush, a can of semi-gloss paint for the base coat, contrast topcoat in a matte finish, and a can of Behr’s Crackle #755.

  1. Apply the base coat to the door, and let dry for 4 hours.
  1. Apply the crackle to the base coat. Keep in mind that the direction of the brush stroke will affect the direction of the crackle.
  1. Let the crackle dry for at least an hour, then paint over with the contrast top coat. A lighter topcoat application will result in smaller, more delicate crackles while a heavy application of paint will produce heavier cracks.
  1. Let the paint dry 24 hours before sealing with a clear coat.

Forgiving a fresh look to your home, these three techniques are easy DIY projects that can turn those old interior doors into one that has a bit more character.

5 Google Buzz Posts That Will Get You Fired From Your Job

Google Buzz automatically adds your entire Gmail network as followers on its social network and your boss is likely on there somewhere. Work and play are best kept separate and these five Google Buzz posts are sure to get you fired from your job.

When Calling Off Goes Wrong

Being a member of the Google Buzz social network will void all future attempts to call off from work. Your boss, managers, and coworkers were all probably on your Gmail list and now that you are on Google Buzz, they can see all posts you create on Google Buzz, including your location via your mobile phone’s GPS. Calling in sick from work won’t work when you’re caught making posts on Google Buzz all day. The family emergency excuse is void, party photo posts will get you fired, and blatantly stupid posts like “Calling in sick today” will guarantee that you’ll be caught and fired when calling off from your job.

Complaining about work

Venting about how your job sucks or complaining about that incompetent boss of yours will get you fired when using Google Buzz. Social networks seem like a great outlet for venting about the ol’ nine to five, but seeing how Google adds everyone to your network, this favorite pass time will surely get you fired once you are caught showing less than full gratitude for your job via Google Buzz.

Being Too Politically Incorrect

If you’re job makes you uphold a certain level of respect and decency at all times (no, not you with the McDonald’s job) there’s also a certain level of professionalism you must always show on Google Buzz, or risk being fired. Priests, Teachers, Officers, Politicians, Doctors and the likes can get fired from their job by simply expressing their opinions in posts, having deviant photos, or coming off too politically incorrect on Google Buzz. Social networks aren’t an open invitation to be as free a jerk as you want to be and making jerkish posts on Google Buzz can actually get you fired from your job.

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Ways to Get Fired

It’s hard to believe that you could be fired from your job because of picture posts, but get caught posting the wrong picture on Google Buzz and you’ll likely be searching through the Wanted ads after those posts get you fired from your job. Photoshopping the boss, posting pictures of your wild party life, getting too sexy with the webcam, or posting photographic evidence of calling off from work to take a vacation can have you taking a permanent one (once you’re fired from the job). It’s easy to post idiotic pictures on a social network when you think no one is watching, but with Google Buzz, your entire network sees everything you post (including those not-so-proud-of picture posts).

Third Party Slip Ups

Your posts aren’t the only posts that can get you fired from your job on Google Buzz. With Google Buzz, everyone in your entire social network can see posts from everyone else in your social network, making it more likely that third party stupidity could get you fired from your current job. Posts like “Hey, did you call off from work so that we can go to the game,” “Are you still going to let me use your employee discount,” and “Your boss wasn’t as ugly as you described him in person” will get you fired just as easily as if you had wrote those posts yourself. It’s tough to keep a job nowadays and most employees are expendable, so having idiotic friends is a huge risk on social networks like Google Buzz, where your entire network can see all posts published on your profile page.

– For more Google Buzz info, check out What’s the Buzz on Google Buzz, the Google Social Network?, 6 Google Buzz Features You Won’t Find on Facebook, and 4 Cool Social Networking Sites That’ll Change Social Networks Forever. Also, feel free to check out my blog for more tech craziness.

– Overall, so instead of doing these Google Buzz that could lead to your unemployment, why not use social media networking sites as an opportunity for you to grow you audience. You can go to buzzvoice and get more likes and followers. With this, you can easily have a great number of followers for whatever endeavors you may have.

How To Stop Your Puppy From Biting Everything!

My puppy, now six months, would bite and chew on everything. The new rug my husband and I bought with wedding money is now destroyed due to her little puppy teeth getting in between the weaving and causing it to unravel. She chewed, though sometimes if we aren’t looking still does chew, on shoes, sideboard, plastic bins and even sometimes her toys. I tried grabbing her mouth, making her submit to me, nothing would work. And after weeks of scolding, yelling, and grabbing, she still would not listen. That is until I discover the amazing uses of sound.

Now, yelling doesn’t work. Clapping your hands is somewhat successful but your dog might just look at you and go back to chewing. The only sure fire way, in my experience, to get a dog to stop chewing on your expensive things is pennies in a can. This idea/technique is not a new one, and many people have different variations of it, but it seems to me it is under used in the average home. Some people go as far to buy whistles and horns to snap the dog’s attention away from what they are chewing but this simple device can be made with out buying anything new. How often should you clean your dog’s face? The washing of the dog face can be done when it will be dirty. The dirt should not be left and it can be repeated twice a week.

First gather up some pennies, or nickels, or beans, or beads, anything small or metallic, about seven or eight, no more than ten, will do. Then, grab a soda can, tin can, or old vitamin container. Most people say to use a soda can or tin can, but even I find the metallic clinking of pennies against metal a little irritating. Think about what the dog has to hear! Plus, with a soda can, you might need to cut open the mouth a little in order to put the pennies in and, with a tin can, you’ll need a lot of tape to cover the hole at the top making the sound won’t be as effective. So, in my opinion, and old vitamin container, like One-A-Day Supplements, works best. You already have a lid and the sounds’ the pennies make when rubbing up against one another is still loud and shocking enough to get your pup’s attention without being to screeching.

So, you have the pennies and the container. Put the pennies into the vitamin canister then put the lid back on. Give it a shake to see if it sounds loud enough to you. But be careful! Make sure your dog is in another room, that way the sound is new and surprising. If it sounds loud enough, then its time to test it.

But you don’t just shake the thing at them and you definitely don’t throw it at them. There are some simple commands said concurrently with use of the penny can. When you see your pup chewing on something, lets say your favorite book (and yes, that has happened to me), go up to the dog slowly and try not to distract them from their chewing. Then when you get between two or three feet away shake the can fast and loud. DO NOT THROW IT NEAR OR AT THEM. Your dog will likely jump, scared of this new sound. However, right after you shake the can, you need to say something alone the lines of, “NO BITE,” or “NO BITING” in a strong, negative tone. (I find that the phrase “no chewing” has peculiar sounding syllables and is harder to say in a loud, quick manner.) Make sure you are scolding the dog for what its doing. Then, take the item the puppy was chewing on away from them. Some people like to give them one of THEIR toys, but I like to just take away my shoe, or book, and ignore them for a little while so they know they did something wrong. Now, if you repeat this act every time you see your dog chewing on something, they will eventually stop doing it. Plus, the phrase “no bite” is ingrained in their little mind as a command when they are doing something wrong. The combination of the sound of the pennies and your voice causes the dog to remember that “no bite” means stop chewing or biting whatever is in their mouth.

Today, our little Juno drops whatever she has in her mouth when she hears the words “no bite.” Sometimes we have to pull out the ol’ One-A-Day penny jar when she gets in a really rambunctious mood and decides to go on a rampage of terror, but that doesn’t happen very often. I hope this little tid-bit of information will help you and your puppy get past the mouthing stage and move onto adulthood with more intact shoes.

“The Dark Knight” Fulfills Its Promise

“The Dark Knight” is a fantastic crime epic that makes for a standout in that genre if not it’s own. It is also accurately named, in a lot of strange ways.

It is the first Batman movie to not have Batman’s name in the title. This is appropriate because Batman is not in it much. But in considering how it is a film more about its villains than its hero, we must not confuse this with the criticism leveled at Tim Burton’s two cracks at the Caped Crusader, wherein the inmates may have taken over the asylum. This is not weirdness for weirdness’ sake; indeed, nothing about this lean, taut movie is for any sake other than the story’s.

Its title is a red herring. The dark knight referred to is not Batman, but the corrupted and destroyed phoenix that rises from the ashes of white knight Harvey Dent, who is in strange ways the true lead character of the film.

And its title also refers to, one might say, the dark night. One of many dark nights to come.

Christopher Nolan’s first entry in the saga, “Batman Begins”, was not the best to come from either the director or the character. It was weighed down by too much, too much backstory, too much wandering, and most of all, too much of everyone involved looking over their shoulder at the genre-destroying “Batman Robin” and vowing not to be that. But not being “Batman Robin”, while admirable, does not constitute being something else.

This Batman movie is something else in more ways than one.

A two-and-a-half-hour movie carrying nary a second without purpose, “The Dark Knight” steps outside the conventions of the superhero film, the noir detective story or the heroic quest, or indeed any of the usual “Batman” tropes, and tells a straight-up cop drama in the post-9/11 age. More novelistic than cinematic in its plotting, in moving his hero almost to the sidelines, Nolan makes this not a story of one man’s quest but of three: Batman, Commissioner Gordon, and the much-believed-in Harvey Dent. These three men each have the vision to save the city and the souls of its inhabitants. The visions and the methods differ madly but share one common thread: all fail.

In Heath Ledger’s much-discussed portrayal of the Joker, we realize before any of our heroes that it is impossible to defeat this man because he does not play the same game as the rest of us. Ledger is barely on screen in his first scene, but when we do get a proper introduction, we are assured instantly that this is a very, very dangerous person with nothing to lose–and perhaps nothing to gain, which is even more unsettling. Batman knows how to stop a criminal, or even bring down a power-hungry madman who wants to rule the world; we’ve seen those movies. But with the Joker, this Joker, there’s nothing to push against, not on those terms.

A terrorist with a manifesto sent by the devil to free a fallen world of its inhibitions, the Joker remembers what was set down about the character in Alan Moore’s seminal “The Killing Joke”: one bad day and anyone could turn to madness. It already happened with him, and, perhaps, with Batman. In “The Dark Knight”, the Joker’s most devious plays are not wreaking destruction himself, but in causing others to do so: in a series of terrifying pieces, ranging from city-wide “social experiments” to shattering personal tragedies between a few people in a dark room, the Joker turns Gotham City into the world he knows it could be.

By the end of the film, every character has been forced to choose what may not be the lesser of two evils. To say that morals are compromised is to rob the bleakness of the film with cutting euphemisms. No one is safe. No one has escaped without losing something. And it is only at the end that Batman is able to do the only thing he’s ever been capable of doing–the right thing, in the wrong way.

The fantastic screenplay is as well-executed as you could ask for. Hans Zimmer, working with James Newton Howard, turns in his best score in years, with his occasional weirdnesses being of actual use here. (They even manage on occasion to turn exactly one note into a leitmotif, which is something of an achievement.) Cinematographer Wally Pfister, still as fine a choice for Batman as you could find, manages to make even broad daylight in Gotham look dangerous as if it’s hiding something.

Christian Bale makes an appropriate cipher as Bruce Wayne. His gravelly Batman voice is at this point unnecessary and does drag the film down a bit. Because the film sidelines its star a bit in favor of the general atmosphere, he actually doesn’t get much to do. Of some note is that the film makes absolutely no reference to Bruce’s obsession or to his parents; of further note is the fact that one suspects an awful lot of the movie could have gone the exact same way had Bruce spent the whole thing in a coma. If indeed the night gets darkest before the dawn, Bale is forced to wait for that dawn, and we must stay with him as he observes and plans his next move.

Heath Ledger is the most complex and layered Batman villain ever put on film, but Aaron Eckhart must be singled out for his own work. Like no less formidable a figure than Barack Obama, he is made to represent and hold up so much–both the character and the actor–and when the character comes to face (so to speak) Harvey Dent’s inevitable destiny, it is more horrifying than you think it will be. And then it just continues. And continues.

There are weak spots, of course. Maggie Gyllenhaal somehow seems wrong for the role of the damsel in distress, although at least she acquits herself far better than the singularly untalented Katie Holmes. A few plot threads are a bit hard to follow if you’re not a huge cop-drama kind of guy. And the Joker’s story is maddeningly unresolved (or did the character plan it that way?)–a few shots to close him out would have been welcomed.

It is not the definitive “Batman” movie, nor does it intend to be; it is the vision of the director of “The Prestige” and “Memento” as applied to the Caped Crusader. Its bold, epic, sweeping story is an as strong entry in the crime drama field as anything by Coppola or Scorsese, and its views on a world struck by terrorism are as relevant as any written about worlds where the bad guys don’t paint their faces like clowns.

But Batman is a legend in the hands of many. This, then, is 2008’s “Batman”, and an excellent one at that. It deserves to be seen; its voice demands to be heard. Besides that, if you are a Fortnite fan you will find Batman’s costume that you can get for your character from the Fortnite item shop today and showcase your Batman love in the game. 

An Ultimate Guide To Increase Your Tiktok Followers Easily!

In today’s world, social media has gained great importance, as almost everyone is using social media platforms. There are numerous social media platforms and applications that provide people with different features and facilities. These social media networks have provided the youth with an excellent opportunity to showcase their talent and get maximum exposure. One of the most popular and rapidly growing social media platforms nowadays is Tiktok. Tiktok is a social platform that allows people to create unique short videos and showcase their creativity. In the past few years, the popularity of Tiktok has increased rapidly, and even big celebrities have joined this platform.

Tiktok is quite popular among youth as it allows them to get popular by creating unique and trending content. To attract maximum views and likes on your Tiktok videos, you need to be highly popular and have a handsome amount of followers. There is a cut-throat competition on this platform as there are millions of users, and it is not easy to gain a good fan following quickly. If you want to increase your followers on Tiktok quickly, then you can buy TikTok Followers 100% real as it is an easy way to get fame on this popular video-sharing platform.

Tips to gain a massive amount of followers on Tiktok

Focus on unique and original content

There are millions of users in Tiktok, and most of them copy videos from other successful users. If you want to increase your followers, then posting copies content will not help you in any way. To build a vast fan base, you need to make your videos stand out of the crowd, and for that, you need to create unique content. You should come up with your own unique concepts as it will attract the viewers towards you and will bring numerous fans to your account. There are various types of videos posted on Tiktok, and out of them, all dance and lip-sync videos are the most common. If you want to leave a mark on the platform, then you need to post something different from these types of videos. New and unique content attracts new viewers easily and helps to boost your followers.

Post consistently

One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind while using tiktok is to stay consistent. If you want the users and viewers to notice you, then you need to post regularly. If you post new content frequently, then it will become easy for the viewers to spot your videos and will get your content more exposure and likes. You must plan a proper schedule for posting videos as that you stay consistent, and your tiktok account can grow rapidly. People always want to see new and regular content, and if you won’t give them that they will surely unfollow you.

Follow and unfollow users

One of the simplest and most effective tricks to increase your followers on Tiktok is following and unfollowing tiktok users. This trick will be more effective if you focus on popular accounts on the platform. It helps you increase your followers as when you follow and unfollow popular tiktok users, they will notice your account and will most probably follow you back. It will give a massive boost to your account and will attract hundreds of users towards your account.

Use trending music tracks

Tiktok is a platform where you create videos and add any audio track in the background. There is a vast collection of songs and tracks on Tiktok, and you can pick one out of them and add it to your video. You can use this feature of tiktok to boost your followers as if you create a video on most trending songs and tracks; then, it will enhance the reach of your video. More users will see your video, and most of them will end up following you. You must pick the popular and latest songs so that more users get attracted to your video.

Learn from popular videos

Tiktok provides you a section named ‘for you,’ and you can find some of the top videos of the week in this section. It is quite helpful to grow your account as you can watch the most liked videos and learn from them. You must watch them carefully and find out what makes them so popular. It will help to enhance your skills and create better videos. You can use the knowledge you gained from these videos in creating your future videos and attract more viewers and followers.

Use popular hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most useful tools to enhance the reach and engagement of your video. There are certain trending hashtags, and you can use them in the caption of your video as it may help you to increase your followers to a great extent. The trends and hashtags keep on changing, so you must ensure that you use them at the time they are most trending on Tiktok.

Use other social media platforms

There are numerous social media platforms, and you can use some of them to boost your followers on Tiktok. You can share your tiktok profile on other social platforms and promote it. It will make more people aware of your tiktok account and will induce them to visit it. It not only attracts your followers from other social media platforms but also attract a new set of audience towards your tiktok account.

Take part in trending challenges

Numerous challenges trend on tiktok, and it provides an excellent opportunity to boost your account by participating in these challenges. These challenges are quite popular on the platform, and most of the users follow the hashtags of these challenges. So, if you create a video with the trending challenges, then there is a high possibility that you will attract a new group of viewers easily, which will increase your fan following to a great extent.

To put it in a nutshell, Tiktok is one of the most used video-sharing platform and a great place to get some fame. These are some simple tips that can help you to increase your followers on tiktok and get famous all over the world.

3 Types Of Bankruptcy You Need To Understand

Let’s just admit it: Bankruptcy is an ugly word. Nobody likes to hear it, nobody likes to think about it, and certainly nobody likes to experience it.

The reality is that people are experiencing bankruptcy every day at alarming rates, and many of them are not gathering the information they need to make the best possible decision. Bankruptcy is not child’s play, and you certainly do need to take it seriously. Taking a few minutes to understand the three most common types of bankruptcy is the best way for you to start gathering bankruptcy information.

For troubled businesses, Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the most common form of bankruptcy. You probably heard the term “Chapter 11” tossed around quite a bit after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Some of the major airlines filed for this type of bankruptcy in order to reorganize their corporations and still stay in business. In this article, information will be provided about bankruptcy that will require a person to hire bankruptcy lawyer san diego. The recognizing of the case should be the first duty of the debtors.


Individuals like yourself will most often not file Chapter 11 bankruptcy because it is specifically designed for corporations that want to maintain ownership of their assets while they try to work out a plan with their creditors.

For some individuals in dire financial situations, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a viable option, but it not the most common. A Chapter 13 filing is much like a Chapter 11 that corporations use, but it is designed for individuals. This type of filing allows you to maintain ownership and control of your assets while you participate in a four to five-year plan to repay your debts to creditors. This repayment plan has to be approved by your creditors, and you can then begin to work toward restructuring your financial situation while making regular payments to creditors.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common type filed by individuals in financial trouble. When people say, “I am going to file bankruptcy,” this is usually what they are talking about. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is commonly referred to as a “liquidation bankruptcy”, because a majority of your personal assets will be sold to pay off as much of the existing debt as possible. If your assets are sold and the debt is still not paid off, then the debt can be “discharged”. This means that the creditor will basically chalk it up as a loss and release you from further responsibility.

Whether you believe that Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be right for you, please understand that this is not an easy fix. The consequences of filing for these types of bankruptcy will stay with you for 7-10 years. If you have not yet considered any alternatives to bankruptcy, that should be your first step.

You have found yourself in an unfortunate situation, but don’t make it even more unfortunate by rushing in and choosing the wrong option for your particular situation. You’ve made a wise choice to first understand the types of bankruptcy. Now continue to get educated on your options and face the situation head-on if you truly want the best possible outcome.

Six Ways To Improve Your Chances For Making Money Online


In most cases this is a top reason why people do not accomplish anything. If you’re not properly motivated then nothing will get done. One also needs the right motivation. How many debt collectors or repo’s can you face before taking drastic action to improve the quality of your life? Now if someone was holding a gun to your face and said “I let you live if you create a website that produces revenue” may get you started but it is not the best motivation factor. To actually produce money online you have to be motivated by something that allows you to stay in the game and work through times of boredom and the necessary but mundane tasks like writing out emails for your auto responder.

2-The Plan

We can definitely achieve making money online with the right game plan or business plan. Some people that are not achieving desired revenue from online activities should look at creating a plan of action, which will outline the various aspects to your business. Include everything from product or service to how you will contact potential buyers. Having a plan will help guide you and keep you on track when working online. Plus it will help you gage what activities will allow for growth and which activities should be put aside due to non-production.

3-Product or service

One way to make money is to get behind a product that you believe in. If you are not producing any income from marketing online perhaps getting involved in a service or selling a product that you have a passion for would help. How many times have you bought an item or used a service because the message you saw or heard created a strong desire inside of you. This passion of a service or product will benefit you to sell to others. It is also easier to talk or create written material because you have such a strong belief in what you are marketing.


In order to achieve any kind of continued success when you work online or want to make money online then you should educate yourself. From new email auto responders to marketing techniques to finding ways to streamline business processes. Continual education will help you stay on top of the trends that are ripe with profit as well as help you teach others.

5-No Money

Sure, we all see and hear about those who do not have money that succeed however this is simply not true. It may not take the same amount of money to run a brick and mortar business but you will need money for hosting, auto responders, PPC campaigns and other recurring costs. You may be able to get away with needing $500 -$1000 dollars per month until your efforts are producing money to cover these costs (with the eventuality of profit). You may be able to get started for as little as $100 dollars which would give you the ability for a simple web page for sales and an auto responder, who knows if done right you may turn a quick profit.

6-Targeted Traffic

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The Principles of Batch Process Program Development

Variables. There’s not much to say about them, other than they are the sole reason that computers exist today. Variables help us as a people build rich, dynamic programs capable of driving an entire world’s banking system, stock market, Internet, etc. Without them, we would be programming every situation in every possible program by hand. This tool you will need. In previous lessons we’ve gone over how to declare variables, basically utilize them and echo them in messages, but today we will learn to use them in the same fashion that they are used to power our civilization.

Gathering Input Variables For The Purpose of Databasing

Input Variables are by far the most important component of user interfacing. Without them there would be no interface. For instance, bank ATMs use them to gather data about a customer, websites use them to template web pages and avoid having to program in each users account by hand and billions upon billions of other types of programs use them for various reasons. We’ve learned how to gather user data by using a prompt:


and this will help our cause, but almost as importantly we will learn to utilize this data. We’ll start by touching on sharing variables between applications, sometimes referred to as piping. This process can get most tricky, especially in batch, but stick with it because it is integrally important to your growth as a programmer.

To outline this, let’s create a simple employee information database that features names and phone numbers. This will take a few steps to create, but we’ll go over them as they come. For starters, we’ll need to develop the interface for inputting and storing actual, usable employee information. We’ll need to utilize the ECHO command, and set log files storing variable information so that it may be called up later. For example:

@echo off

set /p FNOM= What is the employee’s first name?

set /p LNOM= What is the employee’s last name?

set /p PHON= What is the employee’s phone number?

echo NAME: %LNOM% , %FNOM%  gt; %LNOM%.txt

echo PHONE NUMBER: %PHON%  gt; gt; %LNOM%.txt


The preceding file will gather data about an employee and log it to a file now named after the him or her (LNOM.txt) . We can display the information by using the TYPE command, then the name of the employee, followed by .TXT (the file type that it was written in) like so:


The information will be displayed similarly to the example below:

NAME: Cavanagh, Matthew

Phone Number :(407) 555-5555

This process is pretty handy because we can search for employees the same way. Simply compose the following command line in a batch process:

SET /P SEARCH= Type the last name of the employee that you would like to search for:

TYPE %SEARCH%.TXT || ECHO That employee could not be found please try again!

This code structure will gather the search information using the SET /P command for the variable SEARCH, and ask the shell to type the information contained within the file. The || character (OR NOT IF AND ONLY IF) will act as a nice error reserve if the file cannot be found.

Sharing Variables Between Applications

So displaying employee information is nice, but it’s not interactive. One way to go about fixing this is to create seperate batch files encoded with the same information in the form of variables. This will come in very handy if there is too much information to display at one time, or just too much information in general. To exemplify this, let’s create an employee database, but let’s make it much richer by echoing each piece of information as a variable to a batch file. We’ll include name, address, phone number, and notes. This way we will be able to call individual variables as opposed to displaying particular lines of code (which in batch is impossible to do). Below is the interface for gathering employee information:

@echo off

set /p lastname= Employee’s Last Name:

set /p firstname= Employee’s First Name:

set /p addy= Employee Address:

set /p phone= Employee Phone Number:

set /p notes= Notes:


MD %lastname%

CD “%lastname%”


ECHO @ECHO OFF  gt; %lastname%GEN.bat

ECHO set lastname=%lastname%  gt; gt; %lastname%GEN.bat

ECHO set firstname=%firstname%  gt; gt; %lastname%GEN.bat

ECHO set phone=%phone%  gt; gt; %lastname%GEN.bat


Echo %lastname%, %firstname%  gt; %lastname%address.txt

ECHO %addy%  gt; gt; %lastname%address.txt


ECHO NOTES ABOUT %firstname% %lastname%:  gt; %lastname%notes.txt

ECHO %notes%  gt; gt; %lastname%notes.txt

CD ..


So, what we’ve done here is subdivided out information in order for it to be used by a search module (or whatever you’d like) later. In the very first section, we’ve gathered information about an employee by declaring each knoll as its own variable. Then, the :DIRECTORY module takes over, creating a new directory (to keep things neat) and changing our location in the volume (so that our files will be written within said directory). Immediately following this process is the ‘write out’ process, where the variables are organized and placed into containing files for later use. Note that it was useful to still write some of this information in TEXT format, because lengthy notes or addresses don’t do well as variables (generally, keep a variable to a maximum of one word).

Let’s go over how we could go about finding this information. Below is an example of a module meant to search the new directory for information.

@echo off


set /p search=To search the database, please type the employees last name:

IF EXIST %search%GEN ((ECHO I’ve found it!)  amp; (GOTO FOUND))


ECHO Please type the number corresponding to the type of information that you’re seeking:

ECHO 1. Full Name

ECHO 2. Address

ECHO 3. Phone number

ECHO 4. Notes about employee

set /p searchspec=

cd “%search%

IF %searchspec%==1 GOTO Name

IF %searchspec%==2 GOTO Addy

IF %searchspec%==3 GOTO Phone

IF %searchspec%==3 GOTO Notes



ECHO I’m sorry that was not a valid choice, please retry.




ECHO %lastname%, %firstname%



TYPE %search%address.txt




ECHO %phone%



type %search%notes.txt


Please note that this file will open several Windows (and we’ll work on that in the future), but will ultimately function. What is happening is that the variables from %search%GEN.bat or %lastname%GEN.bat (as it was called in the first example) are being preloaded for the search module. This allows us to subdivide information to be viewed later. When we save and access it in this way, it becomes a great deal more useful. Let’s say that you’ve upgraded your employee database to use JAVA. Now, instead of having to reformat your entire database, you can simply write another batch file that will do it for you, or interface with the JAVA applet. Again note that we will go over how to prevent all of the system windows from opening without notice in the future (among other bugs).

This technique is utimately useful in letting your batch process run things. This process is very similar to how they did it in the 80s with the C programming language, but the integration between languages makes this much more advanced, allowing you the opportunity to build rich, intense databases without much more than lifting a few fingers. Be sure to practice this technique and try to incorporate it with languages that you may alread know. And as always experiment, have fun and happy programming! An ultimate guide should be provided to the person about the working of the app development of wavemaker. The –practices should be carried through proper technique by the business person. The understanding of the languages will be convenient for the person. 

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to continue on to learn more about command-line and batch process programming by referring to The Principles of Batch Process Program Development series.

Using Keyword Spy Tools To Snoop On Competitors

Almost everybody these days seems to have used the auction site eBay to buy or sell stuff at one point or another. eBay seems to be the largest in cyberspace with more than 5 million members. It says something about their rank and popularity. There are casual users of eBay out there, but you come across individuals that actually generate money from eBay while operating from their households. These persons have online businesses which use eBay to generate a full-time income. They buy lots of goods at wholesale costs and spread them out through multiple eBay accounts. This allows them to pass the cost advantage on to the buyers. Many people routinely list more than ten different products for sale through their eBay accounts. There are also sites that provide drop shippers allowing you to deal with products that you physically never even come across. It is also possible to get affiliated to eBay and get an eBay affiliate site. This is your own site that you set up listing products from others. When someone visits the affiliate site and purchases the goods, the affiliate generates a cut. Thus affiliates make money while avoiding having to physically deal with products, including shipping and handling.

I have tried selling on eBay a few times. But I never was good at generating good sales. If you are one of the many people that use eBay to make money through a full-time or part-time business, then you may have come across various helper tools available. These allow you to track your sales, post items for sale, and assist you to find hot selling keywords and also discover which keywords your competitors are using on eBay.

Getting to know the hot keywords that sell on eBay may be good for two main reasons. It allows you to incorporate these keywords on your own item pages. Secondly, it gives you an idea of what are the products that are hot and what are not. For example if you are searching for ‘televisions’ and find 5 million listings then you should know not to sell televisions on eBay because everyone else is selling the same as well. You can use these keyword spy tools to spy on the keywords employed by your competitors. It allows you to see what keywords they are using that you are not using. You can then rewrite the listing copy to add these potential keywords.

There seem to be many different keyword spy type tools available to help you out. A few of the top rated ones are listed here along with a short description.

Keyword Spy is a search engine that can be used to access and compare your keywords with those of others. You can then understand which keywords have higher selling potential and are generating businesses for your rivals. Then you can turn these keywords into leads for your business as well. It is likely that your business will grow when using this research tool.

Pay per click or PPC seems to be the smart way to make money online. It is quite easy to go for publishing programs like YPN and Google Adsense that pay you for every click generated from your site. By using the right keywords you can get more money this way. But the question is how to find the right keywords. A tool called PPC Bully is available for this purpose. It aids you in the research process to seek out profitable campaigns. It allows you to look at what your rivals are campaigning for and the type of products they are selling.

PPC is the perfect weapon to gather an insight into your business rivals campaign and plan your strategy accordingly so that there is no scope for any failure whatsoever along with a visit down the website to learn newer techniques of fool proof spying.

KeyCompete is another innovative tool that allows you to discover new keywords. It goes behind rivals to identify the products they are selling and the keywords they are employing. You can rate your position among your rivals that are using the same keywords for selling. You can find who is new in the marketplace and who is struggling for adequate share of the market.

Finally we can say that these are excellent tools to use when you want to penetrate your rivals. You will be able to find what products your competition is selling, how they are generating the leads, and what keywords they are employing for people to find their products. Keywords are a major part of generating online sales as most of us know. eBay is not any different. If you know the potential keywords your competitor is using and making good money, you can find the phrases and keywords he or she is using and start using them in your own venture also. This could be very easy and ingenious.