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Cricket – Just Do Not Take it as a Game! why? Read to know

Pakistan cricket coach Woolmer was found dead. They say that after the defeat of the team he was killed. Who did it, how he died, these things could be the subject of the investigation. But his death seems associated with the defeat of the Pakistani team.

In India, the conditions do not seem to be so bad now. After losing to Bangladesh, team India was abused, shoes were thrown at them and their effigies were burnt. Dhoni’s house was attacked and people started demanding punishment be given to Sehwag. Indian cricket team coach Chappell has already tolerated the crazy fans of cricket. It happens and continues to happen. The author is not a cricket analyst but feels that the meaning of cricket has changed. It is something more than a game.

Cricket is like a popular culture and watching this game as an expert rather than as a spectator deprives the viewer from the pleasure of the game. Being a reader, an audience and an ordinary citizen of the country, every person has interest in team’s victory or loss. When the commentators perform a close analysis of the game, the viewer’s sense is shocked. It seems that they know more than the players. They should be told to play.

The author sometimes gets surprised to learn that when the game’s leading experts review the game, then a kind of blind cricket – patriotism like that of a street – cricket fan seem to override their minds. Since corporate culture has entered cricket and multinational companies have invested big money into the game, the sponsors have started a race to sell each and every moment of the game. Ever since the television has started covering the game, it has made it a popular life – style. After, ‘Team India’ has become a multinational brand, the forehead, stomach, back, hands, feet of all the players seems to be somehow equipped with brand mark of multinational companies.

Our cricket analysts see the cricket ball, a bat appears and they see victory and defeat its not just an game said in an ipl 2020 schedule table reports because most of the cricket fans take it as an feeling and pray to make their nation team to win all the matches that will be country proud moment for every citizen of it. They do not look up to the cricket fan who after every ball considers the issue of victory and defeat. If these days the cricket World Cup has become synonymous with country’s prestige, then it is for the same reason of fan culture. One cricket is on the field and another big cricket is in going on in his mind and across his neighborhood. This sense of cricket, its juice is which circulates through his veins and controls his actions.

Ever since the TV market has gained momentum, the game of cricket has become a little more than just the game. The youth must think seriously about it. Loss in a game is not the defeat of the nation. There are other areas we the nation might perform.

Improving Posture to Improve Fitness of the Human Body

The human body is an amazing thing. It requires balance, flexibility, and stabilization in order to function optimally. These days, the work week extends beyond the regular 8AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday. Sitting in cushy or exceptionally uncomfortable desk chairs means poorer posture, less time for exercise, more back pain, and tighter hamstrings. It can be difficult to recognize and to correct imbalance in the body, but when the problems are identified and measures are taken to fix them, the quality of one’s life and the ability to gain the most benefits from daily activity can be achieved.

Simple habits, big sabotage

An individuals simple habits may be sabotaging their ability to reap the many benefits of exercise. Sitting at work desks throughout the day, slouching in restaurant chairs, and lounging in front of the TV are only a few of the habits that prevent one from getting the most from exercise and daily activity. These simple, often unrecognized habits, change the mechanics of the body. Consequently, very standard, traditionally effective exercises may fail to deliver satisfactory results and may actually lead to increased pain or injury (Comana, 3).

Pay attention to posture

When posture is poor, activity levels sink, and days are spent sitting in office chairs, the joints in one’s body can break down. As a result, the individual’s mobility is increasingly limited and their potential for reaping benefits from exercise is compromised. Also, there is an increased risk of experiencing pain or injury. This is due to a disruption of the natural “kinetic chain” present in the body (Comana, 3). When the kinetic chain is disrupted it is likely that an individual will accommodate the imbalance during an exercise session (to avoid discomfort) rather than take steps to rectify it. Accommodating the imbalance during exercise and in daily life could lead to further imbalance or injury. The posture provided through the spine specialists helps ease your back pain and improve your quality of life. The recovery from the injury will be fast with the acceptance of the exercises. 

Correcting the problem

Correcting these disruptions means returning the body to its natural kinetic chain by way of regaining stability and mobility of the joints. Taking steps to correct poor posture will help one to get back on track. Poor posture is one way that we limit overall mobility, flexibility and stability throughout the body. Correcting posture may help return the body’s joints to a more desirable range of motion. Participating in basic or introductory yoga and Pilates classes can prove to be a great way to improve posture. It is recommended that one check with their physician if they are experiencing back pain or tightness and discomfort in any area of the body. A doctor may be able to recommend exercises or professionals who can help.

Microblading Or Powder Fill Tattoo Eyebrows – Which One Seems To Be A Better Technique?

Cosmetic science and technology has progressed a lot in the world and is going to develop even more in the coming time. Both men and women are spending a lot of money on skin care treatments and other cosmetic therapies. Microblading and Powder Fill are two really common techniques that a lot of people have been getting done in re enter times. Both these two cosmetic treatments have their own set of pros and cons which makes them suitable for different set of people. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose between them. In today’s blog we will discuss about which technique, among these two seem to be better. Meanwhile, you can find out the best salon or clinic that offers microblading in brooklyn ny.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is an advanced technique in which a fine pen, which is technically a bunch of 12-16 needles together, are used to inject a pigment into the skin and precisely design the eyebrow. The tip of the pen is so fine and accurate, that it can easily create naturally looking hair strands. This is a semi-permanent technique in which very tiny cuts are made in order to get a long lasting and more premium result. It feels a little uncomfortable at the beginning of the process, but usually people gets used to it after a while. When compared to various other techniques available in the market, microblading provides more natural and better looks always. The expense of getting microblading can be found within a range of $700 – $1600. That is why this technique is much more expensive than others.


  • Offers more natural and precision like finish that looks much better than any other technique available.
  • The results are really long lasting and can last for more than 3 years if taken good care of by the users.
  • Microblading is a quick and easy process that does not take more than 2 hours to complete the whole procedure.
  • Best solution for women who might have lost their brows because of any medical condition and want to get them back.


  • There is always a risk of a big incision being made on the skin, if the technician is not very careful during the process. It can also lead to infection and real pain.
  • The technique is done in limited clinics and parlors because of the high level of professionalism that is required to do it.
  • The ink used to make the design might not be very suitable to all kinds of different skin types on everyone.

What is Powder Fill Tattoo Eyebrow?

Powdered fill tattoo eyebrows are done with the help of machine or any hand tool that helps to create an ombre design instead of individual hair stroke design like Microblading. This technique is recommended for those who have oily and matured skin and who want a soft look on their face. Powder fill tattoo eyebrows are less intrusive and that is why a lot of people, especially young girls tend to get it done. Powdered brows is a long term solution and can last for more than 2-3 years if taken good care. The expense of getting powdered eyebrow is almost the same as microblading and can cost you anywhere between $600 – $1800 as well.


  • Powder Brows are a much better choice when compared to other techniques like microblading, because the latter is not suitable for a lot of different skin types.
  • Powder Brows are available at a much similar price like microblading, but the results are much more longer and durable, with more than 3 years easily.
  • Getting powdered brows does not involve any incision and that is why there is no risk of any significant damage to skin.
  • Powdered Brows offer a great alternative to those who are really young or do not want a heavily designed eyebrow.


  • Powdered Brows require the people to follow a specific and upfront routine in order to maintain the optimal quality.
  • This technique is absolutely not suitable for those who have lesser or very thin lining of hair around their eyebrows.
  • It is as much expensive as microblading, which still not makes it to absolute perfect alternative for microblading.

So, these are everything you would want to know about microblading and powdered tattoo eyebrows. Make sure to take a close read them.

Final Verdict

both the technique are as important and popular like the other. They come with their own benefits and cons which you should be aware of. If you are looking for a more high end and premium finish with natural looking eyebrows, microblading is the best solution that you have. On the other hand if you do not want to make any incisions around your eyebrows and have a really sensitive skin, then powdered brows are a much better alternative.

Leaky Gut Syndrome And Helpful Herbs For Treating It

Is Relief Factor right for you? This is a great question to ask when you suffer from leaky gut. But before you purchase such great treatment, it is best to know natural remedies for leaky gut syndrome first. Yes, leaky gut may sound alarming, but there are herbs which help treating it up.

What you must do now is to learn and understand all about leaky gut. Then, check out the best herbs to consume which helps in regulating your intestinal permeability.

What is Leaky Gut Syndrome, to Begin with?

The digestive system is comprised of different organs working together to properly break down food items. This is important to make nutrients and water available for the body. Once broken into minuscule particles, these nutrients will travel through the intestine. It will pass the intestinal wall, and through a special lining which separates the digestive tract from the bloodstream.

Now, such walls and linings are permeable to allow nutrients to pass, but it’s tight enough to block toxins and other harmful particles. This is called intestinal permeability. But in some cases, the intestinal wall and linings have damages or holes which allows harmful protein and particles to pass. This is what you call leaky gut syndrome.

When harmful or unregulated particles escape the intestine, it won’t go to waste and out of the body. Instead, it circulate through the bloodstream which inevitably cause different health problems to a person. Inflammation, pain and even brain fogs are few common symptoms which may result from leaky gut syndrome.

The problem is, there’s insufficient scientific studies about leaky gut. That is why many doctors don’t recognize it as a legitimate ailment, although they accept facts about intestinal permeability. This is the reason why there’s no medical treatment for leaky gut syndrome yet. Fortunately, some herbs are great as remedies for it.

That is what you must know for treating leaky gut syndrome through natural ways.

Best Herbs for Treating Leaky Gut Syndrome

  1. Aloe Vera

This is a popular plant in traditional Chinese medicine. That is because of its capacity to treat different damages within the body. In cases of leaky gut, for example, aloe Vera gel helps in restoring the linings surrounding the intestinal walls. That means treating intestinal permeability back to its good condition as well.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric or golden ginger is one of the key herbs in Ayurvedic medicine.  This has phenomenal anti-inflammation along with other helpful properties. For example, it helps in keeping digestive muscles to relax, which is helpful in regulating back intestinal permeability. Moreover, it treats stomach pain by triggering the production of stomach mucus.

  1. Fiber

Bananas, dark green leafy veggies, oranges, legumes, nuts and grains among other fiber-rich food items are great for leaky gut as well. Fibers help in properly regulating food items that must go to waste, instead of these particles going to the bloodstream. It is also a good energy source for probiotics in your gut, which are essential good bacteria that keeps your digestive tract on good shape.

  1. Marshmallow Root

No, this is not the candy you find in groceries. This is a fluffy plant which offers great benefits for treating leaky gut. That is by secreting a viscous liquid which acts as a protective barrier for your digestive tract.

  1. Quercetin

This is another natural remedy which carries potent anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it helps in pain relief as well. Moreover, it also treats allergic reaction within the digestive tract such as gluten potentially causing leaky gut.

Remember these herbs and you’d efficiently keep your intestinal permeability on great condition. That means a great help in treating leaky gut syndrome, which keeps you away from further complications.

Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Everyone talks about how difficult it is to lose weight. The reason they feel that way is because they want it to happen now. Below are some ways, or steps to lose weight and keep it off.

  1. If you need to lose a lot of weight, the first thing you should do is talk to your doctor. He can give you some guidelines to follow, depending on the state of your physical health. He will definitely tell you to figure on a longer period of time than what you would like. If you need to lose just a few pounds, you should be safe doing that on your own. Additionally, you can also try coolsculpting which is an effective way with which you can get rid of your belly and arm fat. CoolSculpting for Arms is a great way to do so.
  2. Counting calories is the best and surest way to figure out how much you should eat. Of course, you can eat more veggies and other healthy foods than sweets and starches. Be sure you have enough protein and all the other nourishing foods and don’t forget about the antioxidants. Calcium is another extremely important food value, and women should consume 1,200 milligrams each day. Dairy products are a great source of calcium, and if you cannot eat dairy, try soymilk which is fortified with calcium. I drink some every day.
  3. Do not skip breakfast. Many people say they are not hungry in the morning and do not eat breakfast. They may not feel hungry, but their bodies are hungry for nourishment that will help them get through a busy morning. We need to eat cereal or whole-wheat bread or muffins for fiber. There are many other good food products one can eat for breakfast, such as berries and fruit that go well with cereal. Also, the sugar-free gels are always delicious on wheat toast. One of the best is Simply Fruit that comes in a variety of berries and fruits.
  4. Do not try to rush your weight-loss program. Set some goals and determine to work diligently toward your desired goals. This is not something that can or will happen overnight. It should be something to look forward to.
  5. If there are some nutrients you cannot seem to find in the foods you like, check out some supplements. Our required nutritional intake changes with each stage of life. During the child-bearing age, we need more folic acid and vitamin D, and on it goes. Find out more about supplements and how they can help you with dieting at
  6. Begin a good exercise regimen, either at a gymnasium or at home. Invest in some exercise equipment, such as a stationary bicycle, treadmill, a pair of weights (dumbbells) for your arms and ride a bicycle during the nice weather. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on equipment, check your local newspaper for used items that are for sale. You can also place an ad to purchase used equipment. Start your exercise regimen slowly, and work up to a long time each week until you reach your goal of time. In addition to helping you lose weight, the exercise will tone your muscles, and make you feel and look much better as you diet and exercise.
  7. Start a journal on your exercising time and the calories you need each day to lose weight. You might consider exercising at least five days each week for the time you have chosen or worked up to. If you work outside your home, you might want to exercise on the weekend at least one day. Keeping written records is a good way to stay on track.
  8. When your weight is down to your desired goal, do not make the mistake of going back to old habits. Be diligent in completing your exercise regimen daily. When the weather turns colder, hop on your stationary bike for the time you bicycled in summer.
  9. There are also many exercises you can do without using any equipment. Stretches and lifting weights are both good. Whole-body exercises are great for giving you more energy and toning. An excellent book, “You On a Diet Workout,” by Michael Roizen, Mehmet Oz, and Joel Harper is available at
  10. Another important thing is to watch your calories after you have acquired your desired weight. Step on the scale every morning, and if you notice only a slight gain in weight, cut back on the calories. If you do this each and every morning and cut back calories when it is called for, you should be able to maintain the desired, healthy weight you worked so hard to accomplish.

Rockstar Mayhem Festival: My First Concert

A concert is an event where a group of people gather together to enjoy their favorite artists. The kind of music can greatly determine what kind of people, and what kind of atmosphere the concert will have. Metal concerts are infamous for a very enthused crowd and a lot of mosh pits, whereas rock concerts are more calm and people sing along with the artist.

The first concert I ever attended was the Rockstar Mayhem festival. You can say I was out of place. I was dressed fashionably for this event as I wasn’t quite sure what the appropriate attire would be. I came with a friend to have someone to converse with during the event. When I arrived at the concert I noticed immediately I looked out of place. Everyone else had ripped jackets, studs, bandannas, Mohawks, torn jeans, and generally looked like the stereotypical metal head. This however, didn’t deter me from entering the concert. A lot of my favorite bands were playing during the event, and I even found new ones I liked. Bands like Five Finger Death Punch, Lamb of God, In This Moment, and Korn.

The concert was broken up into many sections and they had three major plat forms for different bands performing. Two side stages during the day for the smaller bands, and then a main stage with lots of grass for the bigger bands as the day progressed. At this particular concert Rockstar was sponsoring two new energy drink lines they had. Everyone had access to unlimited energy drinks. I was unfortunate enough to partake in the drinking of many of these. Little to my awareness did I know I would crash hard, mid way through the concert.

I had trouble staying awake, and focusing, even when the main bands were blasting away. When mosh pits started I was simply too tired to partake in them and would back away. I have to say I loved the energy of a metal concert. Everyone doing the metal sign and pumping their arms in the air had a certain feel of conglomeration to it. Making the whole event more enjoyable and an experience I wouldn’t soon forget.

The overwhelming amount of people, the activity, the noise, and your favorite bands playing live is well worth going too. Only problem I had was the cost of food and drinks were overpriced. Water bottles were four dollars and food was double or triple what it normally was. It would be wise to eat a lot right before you attend the concert and hold out until you decide to leave because once you leave the concert gates, there’s no going back in.

This brings me to my other issue and that is regarding fans that created mayhem in the auditorium for not getting tickets as they were out of stock and so I think there are drastic measures that need to be taken. Ticket Management Systems like help desk software enables ticket management so therefore the manager needs to look into it as soon as possible to avoid such mishaps in the future.

Overall my first concert experience was overwhelming but extremely enjoyable and I recommend those of you who have never been to one, to attend when your favorite bands host one in your area. In my opinion hearing the music live is the best way you can hear it. Being a part of the energy of the crowd is something on its own, and you all enjoy the same music. They are memorable.

Colorado River Oasis RV Motorhome Park and Resort

Our next resort on our 1st Odyssey south in the fall/winter of 2008 in our 34 foot Gulf Stream motor home was a stop in Ehrenberg, Arizona at the Colorado River Oasis RV Resort which is a part of the Enjoy America system and is available to RPI Preferred members and is a Western Horizon Resort.

We like this resort because of it’s proximity to so many fun places to visit. Just a few hours away is Phoenix, Las Vegas, Laughlin, San Diego and Los Angeles. Don’t want to mention how close it is to Quartzsite, AZ also. We made a few trips there to check out all the vendors. The first day we went, the weather was so chilly and windy so many of the vendors were not open. We enjoyed our day there anyway, scouted out what we wanted to come back and check out when the weather improved and had a fun day exploring Quartzsite and the BLM area around the city. Everyone seemed to say that the chilly temps were pretty normal for that time of year. Oh, don’t miss the Kettle Korn vendor! That’s the best Kettle Korn I have ever eaten!

Don’t forget to drive around the area and check out the BLM land that is available for boondocking. There’s a ranger station where you can get all the info you need. When you think of this wonderful RV park, you think of the desert and images of dry desert sand but there’s beautiful scenery all around with mountains in the distance and don’t forget the Colorado River borders one side of the park. Blythe is close by for supplies. We shopped at the KMart.

This park is well kept and very comfortable with all the amenities which include a clubhouse, pavilion, heated outdoor pool, spa, playground, picnic area, horseshoes, boat ramp, swimming, boating, bingo, cable TV, laundry, security, badminton, volleyball, propane, small beach area, dump station, movies, a store with RV supplies, too, and don’t forget there’s always bird watching and wildlife around. There’s fishing which requires a license. Within walking distance is a Flying J gas station and their restaurant and store.

For fun besides the cities I mentioned above, there’s the Colorado River, and the Colorado River Recreation area, speedboat racing, off-road excursions, golf courses and there’s also gold and gem mines and don’t forget the Quartzsite gem show. When we were there, we took part in a walking class, I played Pokeno bingo, didn’t miss the ice cream social and we even had a fun time with the horse racing game!

To get there take I-10 to Arizona exit 1 (Parker Road). Go north 1/2 block to Ehrenberg-Parker Hwy. Turn left and go 1/3 mile to the resort entrance on the right. Across from the Historic Cemetery.

The physical address is 50238 Ehrenberg-Parker Hwy, Ehrenberg, Arizona 85334. The phone number: 928-846-3421. This park is open year round and reservations are not accepted. Drive-ups only please. Maximum RV length is 40 feet. Usage guidelines are as follows: Discount rate requires a 2 night minimum stay and will be offered for 2 nights. Additional nights on a space-available basis. 50 amps is available, cable TV, and areas for tents.

Don’t miss this park. It’s in a good location, situated on the river with many fun things to do within a short drive and very clean and well kept. If the motor home of the person is damaged, then it will be bought through we buy any motorhome site. Adequate cash will be provided to the person for selling of the motor hopuse. 

Give It A Rest: Making Your Own At-Home Spa Retreat

Visiting a spa shouldn’t be something we only do on vacation, for special occasions or when we have some extra cash. With a little money and hard work, your local spa retreat is only a room away. Although, before you start with that it is a really good idea that you try Med Spa and Cosmetic Surgery in New Jersey yourself. This will give you a fair idea of the things that you need in your personal home spa along with all the basic things that you will need.

Keep it neutral

We like visiting spas because they are very calming and relaxing. You can create that atmosphere with neutral colors. But you don’t have to stick with boring beige – try misty blue, light purple, aqua, sage green, even a light gray.

Light up 

Make sure your bathroom is bright and light. If you are worried about privacy, try a light-colored bamboo blind or linen roman shade. These will let light in, and keep your neighbors out. You can also try a shutter or curtain on the bottom half of any window, which allows privacy but still lets the light in. If you don’t have any windows, try adding mirrors, candles, or another light fixture. If budget allows, research the possibility of adding a window or skylight.

Soft underfoot 

How the room feels is just as important as how it looks. Make sure your bathroom is full of comfortable textures. Get a large shag or flotaki rug in exchange for a bathmat. Invest in a plush bathrobe and new towels, maybe even some new slippers. Use a silk, chiffon, or linen shower curtain.

Something green

Bathrooms are great places for those hard-to-keep-alive plants such as bonsai trees, ferns, and tropicals, because of the humid atmosphere. Plants also absorb odors and increase air quality.

Treat your ears 

Escape the stress of home and shut out the whining kids, barking dogs and the droning washing machines. Install a wall fountain, CD player or TV. But limit yourself to uplifting, calming music and movies.


Smell is one of our strongest senses. Be sure your room has a smell you associate with positive memories, as well as something clean and fresh. Popular bathroom scents include green tea, eucalyptus, lavender or lemon. Perpetuate the smell by using a wallflower, burning candles or potpourri lantern or by using a scented lamp ring.

Bare necessities 

Clear off the countertops and other surfaces, keeping only those things you need. Dress up a collection of perfumes, lotions, and soap bottles on a silver charger with some pebbles or colored stones. Store towels and hair accessories in baskets for easy access. Organize books and magazines on an attractive rack.

Bring the outdoors in

Stone or wood floors, wood shelving or trim, natural-looking baskets, containers with moss or wheatgrass, bamboo blinds and rock waterfalls are great ways to add natural elements to your space.

A clean slate

Make sure the bathroom is clean and looks that way. Bleach any discolored or stained areas. Touch up trim with bright white paint. Replace outdated bathroom fixtures. Use porcelain paint to touch up any chips or nicks. Replace worn floors, or cover them with rugs. Clean and thoroughly dust all mirrors, windows and light fixtures.


You can never have too many toiletries, but you can have too many on display at one time. Don’t let your accessories take over. If you like to have a lot of bath luxuries at an arm’s length, create some unity. Check your local craft or dollar store for glass bottles/containers with lids or cork tops. It may take some time to transfer bottles, but unifying the containers will add simple elegance to your bath products. If you’re on a tighter budget, try removing the labels for a cleaner, more simplified look.

Create visual interest with contrast 

Trade-in busy patterns for color contrast. Try subtle stripes or simple geometric patterns. Use light vs. dark, or warm vs. cool colors. If you have mocha walls, punch things up with endless possibilities. Place cream or white towels on rods or in light-colored baskets. Accent the brown with bright, variegated greenery. Hang a cool baby blue shower curtain for bold color.

Xbox 360 Vs Wii Vs PS3

The seventh generation of video game consoles is dominated by the three gargantuan systems released by Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo from 2005 to the present. In November of that year, Microsoft’s Xbox got a head start and released its famed Xbox 360. The early release of the 360 brought both sales and problems. The notorious “red ring of death” ruined hundreds of thousands of consoles, with a notice of guarantee being issued by Microsoft as early as 2007 to ensure sales continued. A year later after the Xbox’s release, again in November, Sony and Nintendo unveiled their Playstation 3 and Wii consoles to the public (respectively).

Statistically comparing sales of the three giants indicates a heavy lead by Nintendo. The Wii has sold almost twice as many units like the Sony Playstation 3, as of December 2009. Statistics from Quarter 4 of 2009 show 67.5 million Wii’s are in consumers’ hands, as opposed to 34 million PS3’s and 39 million 360s. The Microsoft Xbox 360 is heavily geared to an American audience, with big-name titles highly popular within North America, beating the Playstation by a longshot. Nonetheless, in other countries outside of the United States (namely Canada and Japan), the PS3 outsells Microsoft’s game machine. Sony and Microsoft are in a tie with 10 million a piece of the European market.

The general assumption is that Xbox seeks to improve on existing brands and technology, Playstation is geared toward new technological trends, and that Nintendo is the king in innovation. All of this seems to point true when we look at how things sold, especially with Microsoft raking in 11.6 million sales in the United States alone. The Wii has innovated itself so much that Nintendo has seen a rise in console sales for the first time ever. Starting with their hit NES, Nintendo was seeing less and less of their consoles sold, until the Wii, which sold 67.5 million (even more than the NES’ 61.9 million)! Playstation, on the other hand, went down in popularity of this generation. The Playstation 1  amp; 2 were the two most popular consoles ever to be sold, leaving the third successor at a dismal 7th. Sony is the only one out of the three major companies to see a loss in total units sold.

All in all, the seventh generation of video games saw Nintendo surprise everyone. With the release of the Wii, no one assumed sales would skyrocket as they did. In fact, many billed the seventh generation as “Xbox 360 vs PS3”. Seeing the PS2 still selling games has left its successor in the dust as far as global sales go. The PlayStation franchise took a beating when unveiling the complicated, massive, and expensive monster that is the PS3. Microsoft, on the other hand, continued its modest growth and wider reach through key titles and superior graphics. Games like Halo 3 probably sold 5 million consoles for Microsoft’s line right off the bat. In the end, we can only wonder what generation 8 has in store for these three mammoths of technology. Besides Halo, you have Minecraft added with mc shaders on that are really popular around the globe. With these advancements, you can expect a boost in the sale of both of these gaming consoles. It is just about what users are going to like between the two. 

My Career As a Pharmacist And Science Translator

In the Sound of Music, the Abbey nuns are puzzled by Maria; they don’t quite know what to make of her antics, and how to handle her un-Abbey-ness. They know she is good-hearted, but she truly belongs somewhere else. They decide that the von Trapp family needs her, and that she needs them-thus solving the problem.

It’s clear that if everyone completely understood science, there would be no scientific riddles, no scientific problems, nothing scientific to solve. Now, I truly believe that the nuns enjoyed their challenge, and I believe that many people enjoy science, in either how it poses more questions or gives explanations for observances in our daily life. But science, for many, is not in a context that is understandable (similar to my own understanding of how the IMF operates).

Not everyone is willing or able (because of background knowledge) to quickly read academic research papers or scientific healthcare articles. These papers, however, hold a beautiful and compelling story. Much like Maria, they need to be interpreted or translated into some environment or setting that is understandable. The language and communication of the message will be effective after the purchasing of the hearing hero. A comparison can be made at sites for selection of the best device for traveling to other country.

As a pharmacist, I translate disease states, medication information and evidence from clinical trials into understandable consult sessions with a patient. As an academic researcher I translated lab-based and biostatistical data to interested infectious disease practitioners and researchers.

Now, as all of my previous roles (high school student interested in chemistry and medicine, community college student transferring to pharmacy school, pharmacy student, clinical pharmacy resident, antiinfective research fellow, clinical pharmacist, Assistant professor of infectious disease, wife and mother, and staff pharmacist) coalesce, like scattered oil droplets on water, I lump myself into an all-encompassing role of educator, writer, a science translator; that by using literature, the arts and history, I can bring these compelling stories to readers.

I use both short stories and real infectious disease science to increase reader’s interest and understanding of a topic (call it scientific literacy if you will). My fictional stories portray things like the science of vaccines and microbial resistance or give information on certain infectious diseases. In nonfiction articles I discuss the portrayal of infectious diseases in either literature or the arts, including movies and music; these all either call attention to certain issues or help translate real science.

My career in science is varied, based mainly in pharmaceutical and medical fields, but always with a quirky creative side that may translate for some the riddles of science. I haven’t answered the question “How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?” But ask “How could Typhoid Mary have infected so many people?” or “How was the smallpox vaccine discovered in the first place?” or “Why do movies show specialized containment labs when an infection breaks out in a community?” and I may have an answer for you-solving that particular riddle.