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Different Bathroom Styles To Choose From

Different Bathroom Styles To Choose From

by April 29, 2019 Home Improvement

The Bathroom is one place in the home which does not really get that much attention. This is because people don’t really spend that much time in it. Most of the time, people head to the bathrooms just for them to relieve themselves, or for them to take a bath. Nothing more, nothing less. Despite that, however, people would still want to make the parts of their home look great, and people even take things the extra mile. One example of this is having a bathroom tv of your choice installed. Others also focus on other elements of the bathroom. These elements range from panels, paint color, and to the lavatory types. This article is going to guide you on the different styles that your bathroom can have. Below are the characteristics of these bathroom types, which usually go with the rest of the house as well.


The tropical setup is for those who can’t get enough of a tropical paradise. If you want to experience the feeling of the great outdoors, then this is the best one for you. The nature of the tropical bathroom is that it has plenty of natural light, and of course, green plants and nature-identical colors for its elements. Ornaments are kept at a minimum, and as with nature, the place is to be kept as spacious as possible.


For those who can’t decide between classic and modern, why not get both? The transitional bathroom style serves as a halfway point. There are several ways to achieve a traditional look and feel to your bathroom, whether it be the style of the lavatories, or even the color of the accents and other elements. You also have the liberty to decide as to how much classic and how much modern you’d want to see.


If you’re the one who has a laid-back and cool vibe, and would want to express it through your bathroom, then this is the perfect choice for you. Eclectic style bathrooms are usually made of different items, textures, and colors, and almost has a spontaneous look to it, or the whole “anything goes” vibe so it’s not difficult to get. One key characteristic of an eclectic style bathroom are vibrant colors and other colors that pop out.


To be specific, a Victorian design refers to the royalties of this era. This consists of Jewel tones, ornate rugs, porcelain, claw-foot tubs, marble, and gold elements and accents. The colors of the Victorian style are rather limited, as the Victorian style echoes classic styles from the past, hence you can’t expect vibrant colors like purple, pink, or blue.


A rustic look is one which looks like a country house or a farm house, although unlike the tropical setup, you don’t have much of nature, but rather most woody elements. In a rustic theme, your primary focus is on durable materials and great craftsmanship. Quality over appearance, as they say. If you’re an on-the-go person who wants to keep stable, then this is the ultimate go-to design.