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Installing The Showers Of Today: Electric Showers

Installing The Showers Of Today: Electric Showers

by December 3, 2019 Plumbing

Electric shower have become fairly popular now because of the advantages they come with. They are energy efficient and have a completely different mechanism that gives us more control on the temperature of the water coming out of the shower. Their working combines electricity and water both because they need to be connected to both supply lines in the house. Hence, their installation has to be done extremely carefully and while you keep certain things in check.

When to get a plumber?

Most people prefer doing something like this on their own, but certain scenarios need expert supervision where you would definitely need a plumber. The plumber will be needed when you haven’t used an electric shower before, or you are building a new bathroom entirely. The wiring etc. will have to be done from scratch, which will be done safely by a professional only.

When to do it yourself?

If the task at hand is the replacement of an existing electric shower unit, then you can surely do it on your own. The wiring and plumbing lines are already present, and all you would have to do is probably replace a part of the shower. If you have any kind of doubt with anything, then you can always call a professional for it.

Which electric showers are easy to install?

Yes, there are electric showers which are easier to install than the others. This also might define if you are equipped to do it on your own or not. The ease of installation comes from the design of the unit, and some have more space inside the casing with a well designed connection. The more room the installer has to move his tools, the easier it will be for him to do the installation. Even if you are getting a professional for the installation, you should know which one to buy. You can also follow up on an excellent buying guide to know further about this.

How much does it cost for the installation?

The installation cost is also a deciding factor for many. Hence you need to know how much it would cost to get the task done. It will definitely cost you more than shower has cost you,so be ready for to shell out that money. The cost also depends on the service provider you have consulted. Some charge less for the same job, while some charge more.

What are the plumbing requirements?

Plumbing is the easiest part of the entire installation of the electric shower because all you need is a cold water supply connection. If you have that near the point where you wish to install the shower, you are good to go.

What are the electrical requirements?

The electrical requirements are more for the installation as compared to plumbing. There will be a ceiling mounted switch along with a separately fused circuit running. This is why it is better to be done by someone who really knows how to do the installation safely.

Where to find the right professional?

This is the trickiest part of the entire installation because how do you know if the guy doing the installation is doing it right. You can look for certification plumbers, and electricians are given to check for the same. That will surely give you the right guy to do the job.