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Smart Features of a Quality Motorcycle Loading Ramp

Smart Features of a Quality Motorcycle Loading Ramp

by January 21, 2020 Tips

Are you planning often trips with your motorcycle in a truck? You need a dedicated motorcycle loading ramp for it. And it’s not enough to consider the calcul pente of any ramps alone. There are some other factors which quality motorcycle loading ramps possess.

These factors are features of quality ramps which brings convenience and efficiency in transporting your motorcycle in a truck. Whether you’re bringing your precious motorbike to a trail, a track or delivering it to a buyer among other purposes, you want to keep it safe while loading. You don’t want to strain your body because of manually loading it to the transport vehicle as well.

Here are the Features of a Motorcycle Loading Ramp you must Use

  1. Strong and Durable

First off, the ramp must able to carry the weight of your motorcycle. And any motorbikes aren’t that light in weight. That’s why using a strong and durable ramp is important. This is to avoid the ramp suddenly breaking or falling off while your motorcycle is passing over.

Usual ramps are made of steel or aluminum which are both strong. However, many motorcycle owners and dealers opt for aluminum ramps. That’s because aluminum ramps carry more than 500lbs of weight in one go. Not mentioning that it doesn’t acquire rust as well, helping it last longer without the need for replacement.

  • Lightweight

Another feature of good motorcycle loading ramp is being light in weight. This is to keep you from acquiring strain while carrying it to and from your truck. It also makes it easier to set up the ramp for use. Note that a strong and durable ramp isn’t necessarily heavy when carried around, hence giving another point for aluminum variants.

  • Foldable

When you shop for a motorcycle loading ramp, you’ll see foldable and non-foldable types. Undeniably, foldable ramps offer more benefits than the other. First, foldable ramps are easier to carry and store, since you don’t need to handle a large piece of unfolded equipment. And second, it’s stronger than non-foldable ramps, as well as it offer better support.

  • Sufficient Traction

Traction is important for any ramps too. This is to avoid slipping off especially while you’re moving a motorbike to and from the truck. You don’t want the motorcycle to slip if you’ll drive it over, or yourself to fall when you’ll be pulling your motorcycle.

A ramp with good traction have enough rough surface at the top. Variants with evenly drilled holes are available as well. Whatever you choose, be sure traction is enough to support you or your motorbike.

  • Stable Supports

An unstable or moving ramps is inconvenient to use when you’re moving your motorcycle over it. It even poses falling risks especially when you want to drive your motorbike to and from the truck. As a solution, be sure to choose a ramp with durable support straps and rubber bottom support.

Such straps are intended for you to secure the ramp to the truck. Additionally, rubber bottom surface prevents the ramp to slip off from the truck bed. That makes the motorcycle loading ramp more stable as you use it, hence minimizing or preventing mishaps from happening.

  • Truck Bed Extender

Say, you have a relatively smaller truck, and your motorbike won’t fit in terms of its length. A ramp with truck bed extender is the best option. These are ramp which go a bit beyond from the backmost part of the truck bed. Hence, helping you easily fit your motorbike on it.

These smart features are important in finding a motorcycle loading ramp. It helps you load your precious motorbike with lesser hassle, hence letting you transport it anywhere on your truck.