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Studio B Performing Arts Center: Experience Live Theater

Studio B Performing Arts Center: Experience Live Theater

by December 26, 2019 Arts and Entertainment, Reviews

Studio B Performing Arts Center, 1 Nelson Parkway at 2400 FM 407 in Highland Village, Texas, is the place to be if you dream of acting on the stage. It is also the place to be if you are in the north Texas area and you want to watch some incredible local talent through this non-profit community theater. Besides community theater productions, this small venue also holds a wide variety of great classes for kids of all ages and children’s workshop performances. In addition, Studio B has a new director, Robin Hackett, on hand, ready to take the theater to a new level. Just like Studio b there is Disney performing arts. If you want to participate in the Disney Performing Arts just click on the link. This is lifetime experience that you get there. Similar to Studio B Performing Arts Center you get live theatre and theatre classes there as well.

Ms. Hackett, already known for her own musical accomplishments has been involved with Studio B for several years. She has taught voice lessons, piano and guitar to students for a number of years. More recently Ms. Hackett directed Miracle Worker for Studio B. She was asked by the former director, Pamela Putman-Whittaker to take over the lead when she moved recently. Ms. Hackett is very excited about the possibilities at Studio B.

She said, “I love working in this community and I look forward to a fabulous collaboration between Studio B and the parents and the young people of this community. We have some exciting things lined up for the fall.” She has worked hard over the last couple of months to come up with some ideas that will get the community excited about live theater.

Children of all ages love coming to Studio B for the classes. Most of these are held after school and are available for all age levels. Some of the more popular classes offered through the theater include Creative Dramatics, Lights, Stage and Action and the Triple Threat series for older kids. Some of the newer classes for 2007 include Nursery Rhyme Time for ages 3-6 and Dance Away for ages 7-10.

Besides the classes, Studio B always has theatrical productions in the works. One of the first productions that is offered this fall is called Talking Pictures by Texas playwright and Oscar Award Winner, Horton Foote, is scheduled for October 12, 13, 14 and October 18, 19, and 20. The performances on Fridays and Saturdays are held at 7 p.m. and Sunday performances are 2:30. A Dickens of a Christmas is scheduled for December 7, 8, 9 and 14, 15, and 16, also at 7 p.m. and 2:30. Both of these will make use of some of the wonderful talent of both children and adults available right in the community. Studio B also offers a Coffeehouse Series, complete with live music, desserts and beverages.

Studio B Performing Arts Center is a great way to experience live, local theater while staying close to home. “There is no place quite like Studio B,” Ms. Hackett said. “We invite everyone to come check our theater out and support the arts, whether you want to watch a performance or you want to get in the act yourself. We welcome everyone.”