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Wet and Dry Shaving: Make Your Skin Soft and Shiny

Wet and Dry Shaving: Make Your Skin Soft and Shiny


The world has always evolved itself with the change of times and the people have followed suit since time immemorial. It is nearly impossible to tell when the world actually came into existence.

Everyone knows about how the atmosphere was one hard, round mass called black hole which then exploded and formed the universe, planets, stars and constellations. This process has been deemed the big bang theory.

Aeons have passed since this happened and yet, everyone, right from childhood, gets to know about this phenomenon through their school books and history lessons and even today it is a topic of interest for scientists.

Today, in the 21st century, everything has acquired a modern outlook and all that the youth brigade has in mind is get everything on a silver platter without any hardwork and efforts.

One of those things is how to look good and attractive. Be it boy or girl, everyone is obsessed with their looks and want to be the centre of attraction of everybody and if somebody else gets more complimented than them, they take it straight to heart and keep on whining about it.

The paramount thing in girls’ mind is to look beautiful and sexy and the two things that it can be done is to maintain weight and apply make up. What not can girls do to look slim and trim.

Similarly, boys too want to look dashing and handsome and they do it through a good and chiseled body, a face with handsome features, black hair dipped in gel to give it a shiny feel and macho features so that girls drool over and pine to be with them.

When it comes to face, boys have to deal with beard and moustache and have to shave it off every other day to look young.

It has been found in a survey, that 70% of girls today prefer boys with beard and moustache as it makes them look more manly and attractive while clean shaven ones look like kids.

But still, boys want to have that clean shaven face to die for with not a strand of hair in sight and they go to any extent to get that. The debate is about wet shaving and dry shaving regarding which one is the better and more preferred alternative for men.

For shaving, they use cream and foam depending upon the growth and how much they want to shear off.

Dry shaving, as the name suggests, is one that does not require any water but is done through an electric shaver or trimmer to shave off only a specific amount to hair from the beard.

Wet shaving, in stark contrast, involves a lot of water, soap, cream and foam and a shaving razor. It is mainly for clean shaving purposes where the shaving brush is used to apply the cream/foam on the beard and moustache and remove the hair by shearing it off completely from the surface of the skin and soothe the burning effect or cuts by applying aftershave.

Also, it is removed through razors where a blade is attached to the surface for which straight razors are traditional ones and nassrasierer the best model.

The main difference between dry and wet shaving is the hair that is being removed where electric shavers cut hair only at skin surface while razors do the same to hair below the surface.