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Diy Platform Bed With Storage Drawers

Diy Platform Bed With Storage Drawers

by April 14, 2020 Beauty, Diy, Guide, Home, Home Improvement, Ideas

You can build a very easy DIY platform bed using storage draws. This is a great way to tons of extra storage plus the stylish look of a platform bed. This is an easy to build platform bed, so do not be put off by the difficult sound of the project.

To Make a DIY Platform bed With Storage Drawers You Will Need:

  • Individual Storage Drawers (to be discussed)
  • MDF or Plywood
  • Screws
  • Power Drill

To get started you will need to purchase some premade single draws from Target. The Organize It Storage Drawer in Maple from Target is perfect for this. Any sturdy MDF or wood storage drawer will work though.

You can find thee at Wal Mart ad Ikea in different versions as well.

Measure how wide and long the bed is. Look at the measurements for the ready to assemble MDF storage drawers. Buy enough drawers to line each side of the bed as well as the foot of the bed, this way you get storage on all sides.

Go ahead and assemble all of your ready to assemble storage drawer for the DIY platform bed instructions. Now, many of these storage drawers will come with castors. They are often plastic. These are not sturdy enough for a platform bed. I do not recommend using nay castors with this storage drawer bed for a number of reasons. The main one being the storage drawers are not built for this type of use.

Tip: If you really want the castors, then when assembling the storage drawers, have a piece of MDF cut that fits than back of the draw. When you assemble the drawers, leave the cheap sheet of fake wood off the back of the drawer base and instead drill the sheet of MDF ot the back. This will be so much more sturdy. Now, use metal castors from the hardware store in place of t cheap plastic ones.

Finally, you are ready to assemble the DIY platform bed with storage drawers.

Line the storage drawers up to form the outline of the bed. Top this off with a sheet of plywood or MDF. In addition, you can also customize it by installing some mini cabinets around the bed so you can maximize the space. You can visit for helpful tools and equipment that you can use to do it properly and conveniently.

Note: If you are using a full, queen, or king sized bed, your will need to add support in t middle. Simply have some pieces of MDF cut to the height of the drawers. Built s simple box out of the these and place as needed in the middle of the bed.

Now, you are ready to add your mattress and make up your DIY platform bed with storage drawers.

Tip; Pre drill holes through the top of the sheet of MDF into the drawers and add screws to hold this together as one piece.