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Green Plumbing Colorado Springs

Green Plumbing Colorado Springs

by April 8, 2020 Appliances

Plumbers are like Jacksonville appliance repair businesses. There is one on every corner and they all claim to be honest and fair. Finding someone who will fix your plumbing, yet not rob you, is seemingly, an act in futility. You just aren’t sure what you are going to get by randomly calling from the phone book.

Getting a plumbing job done anywhere in the country, can make you crazy. As anyone who has unplugged a toilet or had to clean up the occasional, overflowed toilet, you know that the plumbing business is a nasty, hard way, to earn a living. Forever, people have talked bad about plumbers, claiming they are robbing people when they charge the seemingly high prices, they are famous for.

Yet, most people fail to see the main point of the plumbing business. We have plumbers because the average person is not going to stick their hand down a toilet or drain. With the potential for diseases and bacteria from who knows where, it is just not the most appealing task in the world. Introduce Plumbers. They are really heroes for being willing to do these horrible jobs for people, take those risks and still have to hear us talk bad about them and their prices. They definitely have a valuable skill, that is something we all use or need. Would you stick your hand in a nasty hole for peanuts? I wouldn’t either.

Colorado Springs has so many people in the plumbing business these days, you sort of feel like flipping a coin or just pointing and dialing, hoping the place you are calling is honest and isn’t out to make you mortgage your house, just to get some plumbing repairs done. In Colorado Springs, there are probably over 150 plumbing companies or individual plumbers. Picking the best one can be a challenge at best. With a remodel repair that couldn’t be avoided or delayed until later, I was anxious about choosing someone.

I found Green Plumbing online. Owned and Operated by Jeff Silverberg, Finding Green Plumbing at Merchant, was an answer to a prayer for me. With over 20 years experience, Jeff has spent his life in the plumbing business. He has raised his family with the hard earned sweat of his brow, doing this less than glamorous work. Yet, he still provides the absolute best in service to his customers and is always honest and fair.

From start to finish, Jeff is professional and courteous. He is always on time and completes the work, as stated in the beginning. You feel confident with Green Plumbing’s abilities. The work done by Green Plumbing is what we anticipated. It is done right and it was an extremely fair price. With lots of yukky work and time involved, his pricing is very comparable to the average that I researched in Colorado Springs Plumbing businesses. The bonus was the quality of work. You can pay a discount price and get exactly what you paid for, or you can pay a fair rate,not as high as Rotor Rooter, but not the “on the block” plumbing guy that your Aunt Sarah knows, pricing. It was precise and didn’t incur the normal return trips to “fix an error” scenario. When Green Plumbing was through, they were completely through. No errors or issues. Just beautiful work that didn’t tie up the bathroom for weeks.

Picking a plumber that you can trust and who always is concerned with getting the job done right, no excuses, on time, while making sure you are happy with both the price and the work, is almost impossible. Finding one you know will be in business a month from now is also close to impossible. I am sure that I won’t have to look any further. Green Plumbing and Jeff Silverberg have satisfied all criteria for me to be positive, I have found the right place.