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Guide to Finding a Nintendo Wii

Guide to Finding a Nintendo Wii

by January 13, 2020 Gaming, Guide

The Nintendo Wii has been out for more than a year now, but it’s not still any easier to find than it was when it first came out. Lots of people are still out there looking for one. There are ways to find one faster than just calling up everyday, though, and I’m going to tell you how.

  1. The best way to find one, (from what I’ve seen) is It’s a really easy way to find those hard-to-find items. Basically, you just sign up, for free, look at the list of items until you see the Nintendo Wii, and it’ll tell you the availability. You can also pay a fee of $1 dollar a month ( at least, that’s what it was when I used it) and they will send you alerts to your email, or you can even have them send you text alerts to your phone. So, if you’re just driving around and a store that’s within your zip code gets some in stock, you’ll get a text alert so you can just head over there and buy one. This is probably the best method you can use.
  2. If you feel like just ordering on online, there’s many ways to do that. Websites, like, track when the popular online stores get Wiis in stock. It is like FPS Tracker that allows you to see your game standing. If you’re really interested in getting one from Amazon, try and click on ‘quick add products’. You can have it track the Amazon stocks and it’ll send you alert. Or if you wanna do the more patient, boring, and probably more reliable way, you can refresh the Wii page on Amazon until they have one in stock. Most people on the custom discussion will give a heads-up when it’s likely they will have Wiis.
  3. If you’re more into the getting up early and driving to the different retail stores, you really need to keep an eye on that store’s catalog. It really helps. At this site,, there’s a guy who seems to get hold of catalogs faster than most people do. His name is speedy1961. Checking out what he has to say may help. You’ll never really know when stores get their stock, though.

Those are the best 3 ways to go about getting a Wii. Unless, you wanna try winning one on eBay, but you’ll probably be paying way over. Calling stores is, really, still a good way. On January 1st, 2007, I called Target to see if they had any in stock. They had 3, but by the time I got there, they were gone. Just for the heck of it, I called the next day, January 2nd, and they had 12 in stock. I got over there and bought one. They still had 8, or so, left. Shipments are pretty random, but the best day to check is on Sunday, because the Sunday ads show what they’re getting. Anyway, I hope this guide helps those of you who are still looking for a Nintendo Wii.