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Your Handy Guide Before Preparing For Translation Project

Your Handy Guide Before Preparing For Translation Project

by January 15, 2020 Guide

Do you have to send a project for translation? It could be that you are looking forward to a prospective business deal with an international client and you are not fluent in his language. But, your client seems to be positive here and has asked for a business proposal on his language from your side. It implies, you now need a translation of the whole thing. Are you considering taking to a translation device or tool here? Now, there are some really great translation tools like Muama Enence and you can also check its amazing review at The device is great for limited translation needs but when you require translation assistance for something as big as your business, it’s smarter to bank on professional translation services.

The post below offers you a quick guide on preparing for your upcoming translation project.

Review the proposal

The first task is to sort and review the proposal or whatever document you wish to send to your client. Request your team-mates to help you out with inputs and feedback. You need to ascertain complete comprehensibility and accuracy of the document before you finally send it for translation. This is to note here, last minute changes might delay the entire project and send a wrong message to your client. You just can’t afford to be misinterpreted as “unprofessional” before a new client.

So, plan diligently and make sure to get your documents thoroughly checked before sending them to translators.

Specify target language

Be very precise about the language that you want the document to be translated to. Some languages carry a broader scope. For example, let’s say Spanish. The particular language covers a huge market and all Spanish-speaking people follow the same linguistic nuances. These colloquial terminologies vary from one region to another. So, when you want translation in Spanish, you need to specify which particular Spanish-speaking niche you wish to target this time. If you are not specific about your target niche, your translator will be at a mess and might produce (not deliberately) a work that might lead to misinterpretation of the linguistic nuances of your client’s language.

Contemplate project scope and time

When you are working with an international client and you need translation service, it’s natural that you will need a longer time to send your proposal- compared to what you take to send to other clients. So, you have to calculate the time needed for translating the document when you specify your turnaround time for the proposal to your client. But, before that, you will have to check yourself how much time the translation project would actually need.

The first thing to calculate here is the length and breadth of the document. Count the number of words and also the difficulty level of the project. On an average, a professional translator will be able to translate around 2000-2,500 words. So, with that as the base, calculate how much time your translator will need for your entire project. Don’t forget the weekends and holidays. You should also ask the translator about his turnaround time. It’s better to sign up with a translation agency here which works with not one but multiple translators. This way, the agency will always have at least one translator available for you even under high pressure.

Finally, ask the translator about a compatible file format and send your document in preferred format.