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Incredible Christmas Gift Ideas under $30 for Geeks

Incredible Christmas Gift Ideas under $30 for Geeks

by January 7, 2020 Gifts, Guide, Ideas

With Christmas fast approaching, it is the time of the year to think about what presents to buy for those who are important to you. Some of these people may be geeks, nerds, or the pop-culture obsessed. Unique corporate gifts Singapore can help you if they’re executives or office workers, otherwise here are five gift ideas for them that are all under $30. 

  1. Doctor Who Plush Medium Talking Dalek, $24.95 ex-tax In 2013 the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) science-fiction television series Doctor Who will be 50 years old. It was already an institution when it became one of the top-rating programs on BBC America, and the one monster that has been there since its beginning is the Dalek. It has remained the most popular, a creature shorn of all emotions except hate, cocooned inside an armored shell. This plush doll somehow succeeds in making them cute. Even when you squeeze the Dalek, and it tells you that you are going to be destroyed. 

  1. Mimoco Designer USB Flash Drives, starting at $19.95 ex-tax A USB Flash Drive is a convenient way to carry important electronic files, and media. One way to make this tool both look cool, and distinctive enough that you are less likely to walk away with it still plugged into the computer you were just using, is to have one with its case molded into the shape of a Star Wars Storm Trooper, or Star Trek’s Captain Jon Luc Picard. 
  1. Brickmania Custom LEGO Kits, prices starting at $4.00 ex-tax Most of the geeks I know grew up playing with LEGO, and even if they no longer own any blocks now, few, if any, grew out of it. For them, rather than purchasing a normal LEGO kit, Brickmania produces custom blocks, the components of mini-figures, and kits. While the price of some of the kits ranges into the hundreds of dollars, there are several good ones for under $25. The even cheaper custom mini-figures beg to be bought and then sat on top of a monitor or beside a keyboard, to be played with when no-one is looking. 

  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops II Mens Billed Beanie, $12.99 ex-tax This soft-texted, thick-layered beanie is just the thing for keeping out the cold of winter. It is black, and Special Forces stealthy, important to help get into character for while playing the game. 
  1. Think Geek ‘I Failed the Turning Test’ t-shirt, prices starting at $17.99 ex-tax Nothing says ironic better than a shirt with something funny or smart printed on it. Think Geek have a wide range of shirts referencing Pop Culture, IT, and Science. Some of you may not get, I know I didn’t, but those I did were entertaining and original. These are shirts you may see your geek friend or loved one still be been worn well into the New Year.