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Quick Tips to Help a Loved One Kill Substance Abuse Addiction

Quick Tips to Help a Loved One Kill Substance Abuse Addiction

by January 8, 2020 Health & Wellness

Having a family member that is a victim of substance abuse addiction is very difficult for anyone that is involved. I know, because I have had a loved one that has suffered from substance addiction, and at times it can make you feel helpless as to what can be done to help the one you desperately love. Although the situation may seem helpless, this is not the case. There are steps that can be taken to help your loved one overcome the addiction and that is what we will discuss in this article. There are many centres that promote sober living in nj which can be of help.addiction-1

Learn as much about the addiction as possible

The first step to helping your loved one conquer the addiction is to find out as much information about the substance that your loved one is addicted too. This will help you understand more about the addiction. Once you take this step it will help you understand your loved ones behavior, and how best to go about treating the addiction.

Seek help from a professional

When your loved one suffers from substance abuse addiction, they will usually have a very negative reaction to the confrontation. They may accuse you of plotting against them, or not caring about them. This is why it best consult a professional interventionist. Just goggle interventionist and you will find services that can help you help your loved one.

After you have sought professional help, then you will need to set up a specific date to have the intervention. Decide who will be a part of the intervention. You should also determine how the intervention should take place, and what role each family member will play in this action.

Unite together as a family against the addiction

It is important that the family come together as once united voice against the addiction. Be sure to tell the addicted loved one that you love them, and do not want to see them ruin their lives. Let them know that the only reason the intervention is taking place is because they desperately care about them, and everything that is being done is only out of love.

You will find once the addicted loved one discovers that the family has come together to confront the addiction that they may accept help right away. If this is the case it is vital that you start the treatment process right away. Any delay could make the victim change their minds, and nothing will change. So it is very important to have everything setup and ready to go.


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It is very hard having to confront the one you love especially when they could react negative towards you, but you must realize that substance abuse is a very serious issue. In the long run, your loved one will thank you for helping them overcome the addiction, and their life and everyone else’s lives around them will be better off for it.