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AFK Arena Guide: Everything You Need To Know When Playing The Game

AFK Arena Guide: Everything You Need To Know When Playing The Game

by January 22, 2020 Gaming

If you want to learn more about AFK Arena, be sure to read our article. Our guide is a very excellent newcomers’ manual that you need to go through If you are a newbie to the video game. We are attempting to take care of every one of the most fundamental details and explain it using simple words in order for you to have an understanding of the video game and take pleasure in playing it from the start. If you want to download this game, be sure to do so on this website. Without further ado, let’s start at our guide:

1. Connect your account for saving progress

Connecting your game account to either Facebook or Google needs to be among the very first actions that you should do once you started the game. By doing so, your game progress will be linked to those social media accounts and can be recovered if your game data is wiped, corrupted, uninstalled, or if you are switching mobile phones. To connect an account, touch the avatar in your profile, then touch the button labeled as “account”. After that, press “link”, then select either Facebook or Google.

2. Become a member of a guild

Becoming a member of a guild provides you with admission to guild bosses that give in-game money that could be used on equipment on the guild shop. Joining a guild is essentially providing you with absolutely free gear without any drawbacks.

It may also have legendary as well as mythic objects if you have got sufficient campaign advancement. The items may also possess a faction incentive, but this is rare and randomly provided. An important factor to remember with regards to guilds is that you can sign up for a guild even though it is not located on your own server.

3. Fill up your friends list

Filling up your friends list will not only provide you with heroes at no cost through companion points, it will also allow you to use your friend’s heroes when playing team bounty quests and provides you with union buffs while within the library.

Do not hesitate to get rid of people who no longer play in your friend list since you will be getting left behind in progress if the players on the friend list are not active anymore.

4. Obtain AFK Rewards on a regular basis

AFK Rewards can only build up for 12 hours max. From then on, you will be capable of earning more rewards. Ensure that you obtain those rewards on a regular basis or you are going to reduce the speed of your progression drastically.

5. Keep playing on a hard level

Each and every attempt at finishing a stage is unique as a result of the AI as well as the random characteristics of figures like critical attacks and dodge chance. A number of them can easily be completed with some luck. Except in cases where your group is significantly underpowered, there is generally an opportunity that one could just work through a level at random by continuously playing it.

6. Carry out all of the Daily and Weekly Missions

This tip is applicable to every other online game with such system. Always try to complete every daily and weekly missions presented by the game, as they will boost your progression.

7. Do not make use of “Ascended” Heroes as Fodder

Ascended heroes are usually more valuable and a lot more difficult to acquire. Do not use Ascended Heroes for the role of fodder, and just use regular heroes that are less valuable instead.

8. Raise the gear of your heroes

Upgrading the gear of your heroes at the beginning is pretty inexpensive, but it will surely improve the stat of your team. Boots are the most effective item to enhance. It can simply be improved by clicking on the gear located at the profile of the heroes. Click on the “Enhance” button located there.

9. Do not purchase equipment using Diamonds in the beginning

Avoid buying gears and equipment using diamonds, especially in the early game. Focus on buying heroes since they are a lot more useful and more difficult to acquire. In case you really want to purchase equipment, you can find a merchant in the arcane labyrinth level that sells equipment that is discounted at 40 percent. The equipment being sold may include legendary as well as mythic quality gears for those who have sufficient campaign advancement. Speaking of arcane labyrinth, we also have a tip for that level, which is the focus of the next entry.

10. Technique on Arcane Labyrinth battle loss

If you are aware that you will suffer a loss in a fight within the Arcane Labyrinth, you can try this handy trick. Get out of the battle prior to the death of your heroes and you can prevent the loss. You can do this at every Arcane Labyrinth, so do not hesitate to use this technique if you feel that you are losing a battle.

11. Purchase “Hero’s Essence” using Gold each day

At the earlier stages of the game, you might not have any reason to purchase hero essence. However, as you progress in the game, hero’s essence will eventually turn into a big hindrance to advancement since you will require a large amount of it to upgrade every single one of your characters after a specific threshold. In total, 118,100 is required to upgrade a hero to level 240. This also indicates that a total amount of 590,500 hero essence to fully upgrade a full team of 5 heroes.

Having said that, doing this is not always feasible for all people since purchasing hero essence in the store using gold can cost a lot. If you don’t have a lot of gold, you can skip this tip.

12. Carry out every Bounty Quests

This tip is also something that you should do once it is available. Bounty quests will provide you with great rewards that will greatly accelerate your game. The compensation is a great bonus, particularly the diamond rewards.

The bounty panel also has the ability to be improved, however, you need to finish a specific amount of missions to uncover every level. Essentially, this structure is time locked. For that reason, it is essential that you do it each day since there is no other method to do more bounty missions each day in case you missed one.

13. Play and complete the Peaks of Time Adventure

Five strong artifacts are obtainable within treasure boxes located throughout the mini-adventures at the Peaks of Time. These are exclusive items that is not available in other places. If you do not possess these items, you are at a disadvantage. There are some restrictions on doing this though. You cannot simply proceed and finish every adventure immediately. Every one has campaign advancement prerequisites as well as a specific quantity of chests that needs to be acquired from the preceding adventure. There are plenty of other prizes that are obtainable through the treasure boxes, so ensure that you carry out 100 percent completion of every adventure the instant you unlock the adventures.