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Vehicle Insurance Quote Within the Hour

Vehicle Insurance Quote Within the Hour

by January 22, 2020 Insurance

I am tired of all the commercials that make such great sounding promises and then when you actually look into their products you find that there is a great deal of small print and unmentioned details. Recently my husband and I were looking to change our vehicle insurance. There are so many advertisements on the television and over the internet through pop up ads and emails that we thought we should see if we could get a reduced rate. We thought we would have a price comparison done on the internet and we also contacted the agent we have for our homeowners insurance to see what type of price he could give us.

For the internet quote we entered our vehicle information, the amount of coverage we wanted and our personal information. A screen came up that stated we would have our vehicle insurance quote within the hour. We had entered this in at ten o’clock on a Saturday morning. We assumed that it would take longer to get the quote because of the weekend. This first form we filled out was for a major vehicle insurance company. The weekend ended and we received no information. Hence, it is advisable that when looking for an insurance for prestige cars or any cars that you may have, always choose the one who quickly responds to all of your concerns.

On that Monday I called our insurance agent and told him that we were looking to reduce the cost of our vehicle insurance and we wanted a price quote from him. He took the information regarding the amount of coverage we presently have and also the information on each of our vehicles. The next day the agent returned the call and said that they could get us the same coverage for half the price that we were presently paying. He told us that we would need to fill out some paper work that he would have his secretary send out to us. Once we returned the paper work he would process the new vehicle insurance. Also on that day we received the completed quotes from the company on the internet. Their amount was cheaper than what we were currently paying, however it was not as low as what our agent was able to quote us.

We waited several days and did not receive the paper work that the agent promised to send. We have a problem with our mail from time to time so I called the agent to see if he had sent the information. He stated that he had not because he was waiting for our driving history to return so he could give us the most accurate quote. The one he had given us was based on straight coverage and did not take into account any driving violations. When he called us back he told us that he could not beat the price we are presently paying because there were two speeding tickets on our records, one from a year ago and one from thirty four months ago. I could not believe that two speeding tickets double the amount you have to pay for vehicle insurance.