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Leaky Gut Syndrome And Helpful Herbs For Treating It

Leaky Gut Syndrome And Helpful Herbs For Treating It


Is Relief Factor right for you? This is a great question to ask when you suffer from leaky gut. But before you purchase such great treatment, it is best to know natural remedies for leaky gut syndrome first. Yes, leaky gut may sound alarming, but there are herbs which help treating it up.

What you must do now is to learn and understand all about leaky gut. Then, check out the best herbs to consume which helps in regulating your intestinal permeability.

What is Leaky Gut Syndrome, to Begin with?

The digestive system is comprised of different organs working together to properly break down food items. This is important to make nutrients and water available for the body. Once broken into minuscule particles, these nutrients will travel through the intestine. It will pass the intestinal wall, and through a special lining which separates the digestive tract from the bloodstream.

Now, such walls and linings are permeable to allow nutrients to pass, but it’s tight enough to block toxins and other harmful particles. This is called intestinal permeability. But in some cases, the intestinal wall and linings have damages or holes which allows harmful protein and particles to pass. This is what you call leaky gut syndrome.

When harmful or unregulated particles escape the intestine, it won’t go to waste and out of the body. Instead, it circulate through the bloodstream which inevitably cause different health problems to a person. Inflammation, pain and even brain fogs are few common symptoms which may result from leaky gut syndrome.

The problem is, there’s insufficient scientific studies about leaky gut. That is why many doctors don’t recognize it as a legitimate ailment, although they accept facts about intestinal permeability. This is the reason why there’s no medical treatment for leaky gut syndrome yet. Fortunately, some herbs are great as remedies for it.

That is what you must know for treating leaky gut syndrome through natural ways.

Best Herbs for Treating Leaky Gut Syndrome

  1. Aloe Vera

This is a popular plant in traditional Chinese medicine. That is because of its capacity to treat different damages within the body. In cases of leaky gut, for example, aloe Vera gel helps in restoring the linings surrounding the intestinal walls. That means treating intestinal permeability back to its good condition as well.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric or golden ginger is one of the key herbs in Ayurvedic medicine.  This has phenomenal anti-inflammation along with other helpful properties. For example, it helps in keeping digestive muscles to relax, which is helpful in regulating back intestinal permeability. Moreover, it treats stomach pain by triggering the production of stomach mucus.

  1. Fiber

Bananas, dark green leafy veggies, oranges, legumes, nuts and grains among other fiber-rich food items are great for leaky gut as well. Fibers help in properly regulating food items that must go to waste, instead of these particles going to the bloodstream. It is also a good energy source for probiotics in your gut, which are essential good bacteria that keeps your digestive tract on good shape.

  1. Marshmallow Root

No, this is not the candy you find in groceries. This is a fluffy plant which offers great benefits for treating leaky gut. That is by secreting a viscous liquid which acts as a protective barrier for your digestive tract.

  1. Quercetin

This is another natural remedy which carries potent anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it helps in pain relief as well. Moreover, it also treats allergic reaction within the digestive tract such as gluten potentially causing leaky gut.

Remember these herbs and you’d efficiently keep your intestinal permeability on great condition. That means a great help in treating leaky gut syndrome, which keeps you away from further complications.