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Can I Connect My Bluetooth Helmet To Hear My Radio On My Harley?

Can I Connect My Bluetooth Helmet To Hear My Radio On My Harley?

by November 1, 2019 Motorcycle Safety

If you have a Harley Davidson and want to wondering whether you can connect your bluetooth helmet to listen to the radio or not, we are going to discuss about it in this article. Nowadays, a lot of people are choosing bluetooth helmets over the traditional ones. These Bluetooth helmets offer more utility and features that makes them much more convenient to wear while riding. To the answer of your previously asked question, whether you can connect a bluetooth helmet to a Harley and listen to radio for music, the answer is a Yes! Harley Davidson motorcycles come with sophisticated technology and premium price which allows them to support Bluetooth features easily. Get a bluetooth helmet and connect it for a seamless music experience everytime you go for a ride.

How to connect the helmet to the bike?

Depending on the helmet that we have purchased, the speedy and stable connection remains as an uncertainty. However, higher end vehicle accessories offer quick and easy to use technology which makes quite possible. So how are you going to connect the bluetooth? Well here are the steps for connecting your honor.

First, you will need to open the Bluetooth app in your mobile phone and also turn on the bluetooth on the helmet you are using. Now, pair both the devices – helmet and mobile. Once both the devices have been paired, you will need to connect them and you are all set to play the music on the radio of your helmet on Harley.

Bluetooth connected helmets are really the future. These amazing accessories make it much easier for the people to listen to music, get navigation details and do a whole lot more of things that provides better utility and features.

Benefits of Bluetooth integration on helmets

Here are some quick benefits of bluetooth helmets that you can enjoy on your helmet -,

  • Easy once touch controls for better convenience and usage, even when riding the bike effortlessly.
  • Bluetooth integration allows a rider to listen to music, get directions and receive calls without taking out their phone.
  • Bluetooth helmets are made of really sturdy and solid elements which offer the highest resilience during impact.
  • Bluetooth helmets have no hassles of wired connections. So you can easily wear the helmet and carry it around.

So here are the top benefits of riding with a bluetooth helmet in today’s time. With so many different manufacturers, there are a wide range of such helmets available. This ensures that you can choose a helmet based on your budget.

Final Words

with so many online websites and offline shopps offering good bluetooth motorcycle helmets, it has now become a really easy task to get hold of one. Make sure to check them out anywhere you want and purchase them at amazing prices.