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The Sony PS4 – Technical Specification And Other Details

The Sony PS4 – Technical Specification And Other Details

by November 15, 2019 Gaming

Sony Interactive Entertainment is one of the most popular gaming console manufacturing company situated in Minami-Aoyama, Minato, Tokyo, Japan. The brand value started getting better since the release of PS1. It is was a console to attach with PC and play the desired game. The first model had very small specification, but that was really competitive at that time.

After years of development and release of new models, Sony settled for quite a long time in 2014. There is no doubt that Sony Play Station 4 is far better from the PS3, and it has some advanced specifications, which enhances the overall performance. Gamers who don’t want to spend much amount has two options to go for, Xbox or PS4.

As you know that PS4 is a home video game console, and there are multiple versions available since the launch. Each one has slight changes in the specification, but the overall design is the same. Only a few of them had subsequent versions with the change in the technical specification.

Original PS4 Specifications

The first-ever Play station console was launched in 1994 and many powerful versions released by Sony Interactive Media. In mid-2014, the first-ever PS4 was released. It got some minor modifications with the wi-fi microstrip antennas to give you a smooth experience while playing games.

There was two options between storage, 500 GB, or 1 TB. Both are reliable, and they have similar performance due to the same CPU. Both are able to support high-speed internet connection to download games at a faster rate. You can buy blue-ray discs of the game and play on your PS4.

However, the latest version of PS4 is slightly different. Now, you can get better color options in the same design. Even the color production in a game is vivid, and it offers vibrant colors at the same time. The breathtaking HDR visuals enhance your overall gaming experience as compared to others.

The best part is, it is 30% slimmer from the starting version and 16% lighter. The first version had a weight of 2.8 KG, whereas the latest one is of 2.5 KG. Now, you are able to store your favorite games, apps, and take a screenshot. It became a better multimedia center as compared to others.

Even the purchase of the latest version of PS4 is offering you better graphical performance along with a three months membership. You can access to the better content range, and there are a lot more things to interact with. Such factors can easily make you love playing games on PS4.

Later Versions

After a long time, PS4 pro took charge, and it became the latest version. It has far better performance; the pro version also supports 4K and HDR with better simulation. Playing games on the pro version gives a smooth and better experience. If you are still using the PS4, then you can consider getting MegaMods to enhance your overall gaming experience over the latest version.

No doubt that there are various games that are compatible with both versions, but if you want to have an enriched gaming experience, then you can consider playing games with the use of the mod. This will help you get better gaming experience. Hope, this post about tech specification will let you grab better deals.