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Top Questions To Ask While Meeting The Bankruptcy Attorney!

Top Questions To Ask While Meeting The Bankruptcy Attorney!

by November 16, 2019 Law

In the current financial conditions, bankruptcy has become a common problem, and many people are filing for bankruptcy as they are unable to repay the debts, and filing for bankruptcy is the only option they have. Filing bankruptcy is not an easy task, and you need some professional to help you with it. A bankruptcy lawyer is a legal representative that handles all the cases related to bankruptcy and manages all the tasks such as documentation, attending hearings, etc. There are umpteen san diego legal pros, and choosing the best out of them to handle your case is a challenging task.

You must follow a few tips while hiring a bankruptcy lawyer and must ask him a few questions to get a clear idea about his plans, knowledge, and the further possibilities of your case. They have a right amount of experience as they have a lot of the same type of cases, so they know all aspects related to it. There are some essential questions that you must ask from your attorney before filing for bankruptcy and starting the legal procedure. Let’s have a look at some of the most important questions to ask from the bankruptcy lawyer.

Some important things to ask from the bankruptcy lawyer

Is there any better option?

The first thing you must ask from the lawyer is that is there any other option from getting out of the financial trouble. It makes you aware of different options available and also assures you that the lawyer has profound knowledge about bankruptcy laws and lawsuits. It shows that whether the lawyer is putting sufficient effort into your case and is really interested in getting you out of the trouble or is merely doing it for the money. Asking this question broadens up your knowledge about bankruptcy and makes you aware of all the benefits and downfalls of filing for bankruptcy.

Who will attend your case?

It is the second most important question to ask from your bankruptcy attorney, attending the hearing and appearing in the court is the most challenging task as most of the ordinary people face problem in doing it. It is essential to have someone professional by your side while attending the hearing in the court. You must ask your attorney who will be there with you in the court. Sometimes the attorney whom you met doesn’t go with you to court; instead, he sends someone else. You must get it clear beforehand, and ensure that the lawyer you met will attend the hearing with you and in case any changes are made you will be informed beforehand. It will give enough time to tell the important facts to the substitute lawyer so that he can represent your case strongly in the court.

Fees and charges

It is a crucial question to ask, as you may face some serious problems if you will not be able to pay the fees charged by the lawyer, and your case will be stuck at a cliffhanger. So, to avoid this, you must ask about their costs beforehand so that you can choose a lawyer under your budget. You must get things cleared out before starting the case so that you face on issue afterward. You must also ask what services are covered under the fees charged by the lawyer and are there any additional or hidden charges. You must be aware of what you are paying for to avoid facing any sudden expense.

Do you get any fee agreement signed?

You must ask whether there is a written agreement as it is not safe to rely on an oral agreement. You must have a written agreement with your lawyer to avoid facing any trouble and conflict.