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Tips On How To Make Your Electric Golf Cart Run Faster On Greens!

Tips On How To Make Your Electric Golf Cart Run Faster On Greens!

by November 17, 2019 Golf

Electric golf cart runs on set of batteries and that batteries has the potential to make it run fast. The amount of power in one battery will determine how fast the cart will move. With the advent of technology, we have been introduced with a great number of upgrades that are especially designed to make the cart run faster. People that don’t want go get upgrades must know some ways that would make the cart go faster without use of upgrades.

People that play golf regularly must know about the ways on how to speed up their cart even without upgrades. It is good to have practical knowledge on how to make your cart run faster. You can check tips online on how to upgrade the carros de golf electricos if you want an upgraded one. Here in this article, we will know about some of the ways that could help us which are as follows:-

  1. Use a soapy solution to wash the cart and remove the debris from it. Dirt and dust may interfere the operations of tires and undercarriage and cleaning it off with water and cloth can result in fast working of it. It is good to clean the debris on regular basis so as to avoid any kind of issues in working of the cart.
  2. You need to inspect the batteries of the golf cart in every two to three months. This can be done by removing the seat and inspecting batteries under it. You must check all the wires as they must be tight and there must be no corrosion around the terminals of the batteries. Corrosion can interfere in charging of the batteries so it is better to remove the debris or corrosion, if any, using a bristle brush.
  3. It is better to inspect the gas pedal to know if there is any leakage. You can make use of adjustable wrench that will help in adjusting the pedal and tightening the loose connections. If there is any leakage or loose connection, they you need to repair it soon.
  4. Checking the level of water is batteries is an imperative thing for proper working of batteries. You must check the water level by opening up the fill caps of the batteries. The water level must not reach minimum as this can result in not proper working of battery and you may need to change the battery. You can add distilled water to fill up the cells of the battery and prevent batteries from getting fully charged.
  5. You can charge the golf care using the charging unit that is applied with cart. Allow the battery to get fully charged and to make it fully charged early you can turn off the lights and other things that are draining the battery. If the battery is not fully charged then it might happen that your carts stops in between the green.
  6. Check the pressure of the tire by making use of tire gauge. If proper pressure is not there then it may result in uneven wear. You can fill the air into tires using the air pump. It is better to inflate the tires according to the specification of manufacturers. Also, the golf cart doesn’t have seat belts so it is better to avoid high speed.
  7. People that have bought a used or refurbished golf cart must know about the life of battery and age of golf cart. This will help in getting an idea on how properly golf cart can run and then apply the practical ways on it to make it run faster.

You can make your golf cart run faster to transport your golf courses by making use of these tips and tricks. It is better to keep yourself updated with the practical ways on how to make your cart run faster or clean it. Not everyone is professional and sometimes cleaning or doing something by yourself can result in wrong things which may affect your cart. If you have less or no knowledge then you can either look for the tips or can hire a professional.