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Survival Gear: Top Picks

Survival Gear: Top Picks

by November 25, 2019 Outdoor Gears

Surviving in the wild is never an easy task and it depends more on human wits than anything else. But still having survival gear at times like these you can increase your survival chances a lot. Assembling a kit of emergency kit is going to help you a lot during your trip to the wilderness.

If you get lost or get injured these gears can mean a lot in making your time much more comfortable. Here is the list of top survival gears that you must carry with you when you go outdoors.

  • Personal locator beacon or cell phone

This is really important gadget that you should carry whenever you go out for camping. Having a Personal locator beacon or cell phone with you means that even if you get lost or there’s some emergency you can get help as soon as possible. The rescue team would be able to locate you easily as well. With cell phones you can even try to navigate your way out the forest. Much you can’t really rely on cell reception in such terrains so it is always recommended that you carry a Personal locator beacon for your own safety and security.

  • Map of area

Carrying a map is the second best way to navigate out of the wilderness. With the help of a map you can easily navigate your way out of the forest. You won’t be needing any other accessory or device with you. If you can navigate with the help of a map your survival chances increases a lot.

  • Compass

A quality compass with a sighting mirror and moveable direction ring will allow you to navigate your way around the forest. You won’t end up walking in circles as you use a compass. The mirror part can also be used for signaling sunlight as well.

  • First aid-kit

It’s really important that you carry a good first-aid kit with all the basic and necessary medical stuff. Injuries such as minor to moderate cuts can be healed faster with the help a good first-aid. However, an open wound could attract pathogenic agents which can cause infections. This scenario can really complex over time which is not a good thing in wild.

  • Water bottle

Staying hydrated is really important as you start your journey into the wilderness. You just need to make sure that you always carry a water bottle with you. You can even carry a water filter just in case you run of water from your bottle. This way you can always get yourself safe and drinkable water all the time.

  • Headlamp

Having a charged headlamp with you in wild will greatly help you at night. Basically everything you do at night would require light and with the help of a headlamp you can work more efficiently at night as well. You can even move around and create you shelter without much of a problem.  They are really cheap as well.

  • Fire starters

Fires starters are really important as are really easy to use. With their help you can start a fire boil water and cook yourself food. Fire would keep you warm and safe as it would drive away wild animals from you.

  • Blankets

Always try to carry blankets in your back pack. They are pretty useful in these situations as they keep you warm and dry. You can even use them as roof to your shelter which would save you a lot of time and energy.

  • Signal mirror/ whistle

A signaling device is really important when you get lost in wild. There are several signaling devices that are out there. You can use these signal when you get lost in the wilderness in order to help the rescue team to locate you. A good signaling device can be seen from miles and would an essential tool in your survival kit. You can use whistle as a signaling tool as well. As the rescue people passing by might not see your signal visually but they will be able to you whistle from a distance.

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