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How to Use Your Intuition to Make Better Decisions

How to Use Your Intuition to Make Better Decisions

by February 8, 2020 Intuition

Whatever arises in your life, no matter what it is or how big or small it may be, you have been given a mechanism located deep inside of your self that will assist you in making the best decision. The key is that you have to be able to recognize this power and act upon it whenever it speaks to you. Different people recognize this power in different ways. Some recognize it as the first thing that comes to mind, others say it’s an indescribable something that tells them what to do and others say it is their gut feeling. I call it my intuition and no matter what it’s called we have to learn to listen and obey it and when we accomplish this means we will make better decisions for ourselves.

Intuition has been defined as a discernment, foreknowledge, immediate apprehension, a hunch, sixth sense, insight,  and cognition. The good part of this is that we were all given this power at birth; however, all of us just haven’t taken the time to develop this trait and problems arise as a result of us ignoring our premonitions and failing to adhere to the relayed message. How many times have you thought that I should have followed my first mind? You said this because after the fact you realized that the little hunch instructed you to do the right thing but you didn’t listen.

This sixth sense acts quickly and if you don’t act fast you miss the message. The key here is to listen, be attentive and act obediently. Hunches not only come in the form of little voice; it comes byways of but not limited to the news media, internet, inspirational readings and tapes, spiritual leaders, signs, phone calls, children, and others. So be open and receptive for you know not where or when your answer will come to you so be open and receptive and get it. Remember also that the answer that you get may not be the answer that you are looking to receive but it is the right message for you. So trust your intuition.

You can use your intuition to make better decisions for yourself and those that you love. All that you have to do is listen for the right answer as speaks to you through your gut feeling, news media, a spiritual leader, internet, or some other means. After you hear the answer then you must be obedient and follow instructions. Remember that the answer that you receive may not be the answer that you were looking to receive but it’s the right answer that you need at this time in your life so trust your gut and go ahead make that decision. You’ll be glad that you complied because you will receive absolute good in your life. This will also help you as you found tutor in singapore. This way you can get the best tutors that are out there in Singapore. With your keen intuition, you will be able to select the best tutor according to your needs.