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Solutions Which Has Made Passing Over The Bitcoins Possible!

Solutions Which Has Made Passing Over The Bitcoins Possible!

by November 2, 2019 Crypto

Everyone must have heard about bitcoins as it is highly popular all over the world, and in today’s digitalized world, people are looking for virtual currency that is more convenient, safe, and easy to store. Bitcoin is a type of digital cash that allows you to trade and make different transitions with other users through your bitcoin wallet. There are various wallets available such as cloud 2.0, that keep your assets safe. There is no authority that’s controls bitcoin as it works on a unique network known as blockchain network. This network removes the need for any agent or third party to make any transaction.

Bitcoin has made trade and exchange free of intermediaries and removed the interest cost charged by them. You have complete control over your funds and can use it to purchase different types of goods and services from the sellers who accept bitcoin as a currency. You can even use it to trade with other private users or can also repay any debts in the form of bitcoins. It is irrefutable that bitcoin is a great thing to invest in, but the primary concern of users is that if they die, do their loved ones or family will get their bitcoin after them. There are some ways through which your family and loved ones can retrieve your cryptocurrency assets after your demise.

Best ways to inherit your cryptocurrency assets after your death


It is a fantastic platform based on blockchain, which helps you to manage your cryptocurrency assets and helps to keep the values of currency constant, exposing you to less financial risks and losses. It ensures it through its highly efficient neural network and blockchain system keeping the assets safe. It also has an app through which it assists the users in various matters such as deciding legacy, taxes, and transferring the cryptocurrency assets.

It ensures that your crypto money remains safe and also allows your family and loves ones to access it after your death. So, you need not worry about whether your family will be able to access your cryptocurrency after your death. Trustverse makes it possible through smart contracts that assign nominees for your account and automatically transfer the cryptocurrency in your account to them if you don’t access it for a certain period of time.


It is another efficient platform that helps you to manage your cryptocurrency and ensure the inheritance of your crypto assets. You require a specific key to access the information in the wallet, and through this platform, you select particular people who will allow accessing it after your death. It has made the transfer of cryptocurrency much easier after the demise of the owner. It also gives an option to the inheritance, whether they want to reveal their identity or not. It is completely their choice if they wish to reveal it or not.

Digipluse keeps an eye on the activity of the account. If it finds that there is no activity from a specific period of time, it will automatically initiate the process of transferring the assets to the beneficiary. You need not hire any lawyer to get the custody of the information stored; digipulse will transfer the cryptocurrency automatically after a certain period of inactivity.

To conclude, there are some ways through which you can pass on the bitcoins easily to your loved ones after your demise.