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Bum Marketing – Free Promotion Method For Affiliate Products

Bum Marketing – Free Promotion Method For Affiliate Products

by December 3, 2019 Business

Are you an affiliate marketer who has spent plenty of dollars promoting affiliate products either through PPC campaign or email marketing? Do these promotion methods bring nothing to you? Yes I was also the one having the same problem for the last two years until I discovered a top promotion technique that helps my business grow miraculously. And the big thing about it is its 100% free of cost. So I think you would also like to know this technique. It’s Bum Marketing. It works superb for affiliate products like clickbank, commission junction, linkshare and other.

It is basically the combination of two popular marketing techniques – niche marketing + article marketing. So select a niche product and prepare a list of niche phrases related to the product. Longer the list better it will be in promoting your product.

Suppose you choose a colon cleanser product or ebook on colon cleansing. Place it on your website or blog with a brief description about the product and put the affiliate link. Make a list of all possible niche keywords related to colon cleansing. Write articles on every niche phrases you discovered. Use the keyword on your article title as well as its body. Submit them to major article directories. Remember in bum marketing, what matters is the quantity rather than quality. Write more and more articles to get lots of backlinks to your product page. This will help your product page to come up in the search engine. I know writing articles is very laborious work but if you really want to make serious money on the internet, you have to work hard. It is much better than PPC or email marketing as PPC is a temporary solution and costly too whereas email marketing is considered spam by many free email services as well as by those whom you are sending emails. Personally, whatever products I am offering on my website, I can see a good review of them on YouTube. Thus, it is important that you carefully choose the right review for your product.

Writing articles on a single topic will reduce your research work. Make your research for the content one time and collect enough information to write a minimum of five articles at one time. Make points in the initial stage and while making the articles expand each with your own ideas and words. Bum marketing do not require high quality articles. Your articles should be enough good for your readers to make click on your resource link. That’s all and you have won the game. Now he/she is on your product page and if they are satisfied with the information on your product page they will go for buying it through your affiliate link. And here you are happy with getting money from your online business.

Writing more and more articles will increase your product page backlinks and help it to move up on search engine. This will bring another option for your product page to be seen by targeted visitors. Here again a chance to make money for you. So Bum Marketing is simple with multiple benefits. Note its cost free promotion method. What you need is hard work and patience and in turn you will grow richer and richer. It’s not a bad deal!

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