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Top 4 Vacuums To Get Rid Of Pet Hair

Top 4 Vacuums To Get Rid Of Pet Hair

by November 25, 2019 Appliances

Pet hairs scattered around your home is a common occurrence when you have a furry friend with you. It can be a menace if your upholstery and furnishings are covered in pet hairs. It becomes impertinent to get rid of pet hairs for a spick and span home.

How are vacuum cleaners for pet hairs different from generic vacuum cleaners?

Although the basic functionalities of both types of vacuum cleaners remain the same, the ones designed specifically for cleaning pet hairs have certain special features. Vacuums designed for hair removal have a motorized brush head to remove fine and coarse hairs off from upholstery. They can also have specialized filters for removal of fluff.

Best vacuum cleaners for pet hair:

While choosing the best vacuums pet hair, you might want to consider the following options.

  1. Dyson Big Ball Animal 2

This is one of the most popular pet hair vacuum cleaners across households. It is great for big houses and more number of pets. It has a fantastic brush head which picks up fluff like a pro, without having them all tangled. The cylinder is easy and quick to clean as well, thanks to its design. There are different modes for it to work. You can use the standard power mode or the max mode for a thorough cleanup. It also comes with various attachments for different cleaning purposes, ensuring your cleaner has a better reach everywhere. It is easy to maneuver and easy to carry around.

  1. Dyson Ball Animal 2

This model from Dyson is a favorite amongst pet owners who prefer an upright model rather than cylinder model of the Big Ball Animal 2. This cleaner has a powerful suction capacity and has a clever brush head, just like the cylinder model. It is great to clean mud from tiles and fur from upholstery, and won’t scatter the dirt around. This too comes with attachments to help with general cleaning or pet hair cleaning. The long cord is pretty useful too. It is also easy to carry around and store.

  1. Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat & Dog Powerline

This model carries with it an Allergy UK-approved HEPA AirClean filter. It is easy to clean up dried mud and fluff from all kinds of surfaces with this vacuum cleaner. It has a self-cleaning function, making it easy to clean and maintain this cleaner from Miele.

It is a great bagless model and has a high capacity of dust tank. It also comes with various tools and attachments making it quite a multipurpose vacuum cleaner. This cleaner can be a little weighty particularly in the high suction mode. Other than that, this pet hair cleaner is a great pick even for those with back pains as manouevrability is easy.

  1. Vax Blade 2 Max

This is perhaps the best cordless vacuum cleaner for pet hair. It has an above-par suction capacity and comes within an affordable budget. The battery lasts decent too, and certain functions perform better at high power. It can also be converted into a handheld cleaner and can be used to clean up fluff or spillage with equal ease. It has DustTracker LED headlights which make it easy to spot pet hairs at every nook and cranny. This cleaner comes with a wall mount, which makes it easy to store and charge.