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How To Start With The Dota 2? – An Ultimate Guide!

How To Start With The Dota 2? – An Ultimate Guide!

by November 18, 2019 Boosting

The gaming industry has evolved like never in the past few decades, and now there are countless online gamers playing different games. There are infinite games, but some of them are highly popular and have a unique spot in the crowd of games. One such game is the Defense of the Ancients, better known as DOTA. DOTA 2 is the latest version of the DOTA game and is highly prevalent in different parts of the world. It is a complex game and is not at all easy to learn. If you are new to DOTA 2, then you might face a lot of problems in getting started with it.

If you are a DOTA 2 beginner, then you can follow some useful tips to become a pro in no time. It is a strategical game, so you will have to be patient to get used to it. More you will practice, more quickly you will become perfect in playing it.

You can use dota 2 boost tips and tricks to enhance the ranking, while you get used to the gameplay. First and foremost, you must choose the character that you want to play with and practice with him until you gain full control over the hero.

Tips for beginners to play DOTA 2

Listen and learn

Listening is the first step to learn anything. Usually, most of the beginner gets frustrated from repetitive losses and quits the game in a fit of anger. If you are new to the game, ask your teammates to guide you in the game and help you in learning the basics of the game. Listen to them carefully and try to implement their advice into your gameplay. The more you practice, the quicker you will learn the basics. Once you have grasped all the basics, then you can proceed further for more advanced skills.

Choose a suitable hero

The character, better known as the hero in the game, is the most crucial part as it performs all the tasks. There are around a hundred heroes in the game, and you can choose any one of them to play the game. Each hero has different attributes and powers, so you must choose a hero that suits the level of your gameplay as every hero is not right for you if you are a beginner. Some of the heroes in the game have highly powerful skills that you cannot control at the beginning stage. Choosing difficult heroes can cause you a lot of irritation and can become a headache for you.

If you are looking for a good character in the game, then Lich can be a great option. He offers you great speed and allows you to damage the opponent to a great extent and help you to learn new moves.

Use the fog

If you are a beginner, then the layer of fog in the game can be highly helpful for you. As you land in the game, you will see a lot of fog that you can use to benefit yourselves. Your opponents are not able to see you in this fog, so you must try to stay in the area with fog so that the enemies won’t be able to spot you are and attack you. Your enemies can also use this trick and to counter that you can discover some way to clear the fog in your opponent’s land. It will make them visible, and your team will be able to attack them quickly and grab you a win.

Learn the whole map

Usually, you think that there is a single layout of the map in DOTA 2, which is quite easy to memorize, but there various shortcuts and tricks that you can use to enhance your gameplay. You must take a look at all the essential spots such as towers, secret shops, runes so that you won’t get lost while playing and can stick to your plan easily. It saves a lot of time and effort as you already know where you need to go in an emergency. Adding to it, you can also discover the areas which are at a higher altitude so that you can peek on your enemies from an elevated area and enjoy some advantage over them.