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Set Up A Home Gym In Between Workouts

Set Up A Home Gym In Between Workouts

by March 2, 2020 Health and Fitness

It is sufficient to say that not everyone is the same but also, not every piece of workout equipment is the same. Many of the gyms in Naples FL are known for their experienced trainers and equipment. For those people who are in weight training but are doing it the safe way and working out every other day instead of everyday, still need to maintain some sort of workout that is less strenuous in between workouts. Setting up a home gym to keep you tone is the best way to achieve this.

The best equipment you will try to look for is the ones that will give you mainly upper and lower toning exercises. The in between workouts do not need to be extravagant and neither does the budget for you to do them. Even some simple weights, maybe a pull up bar, jump rope and of course you can go full out by getting a machine for all the options you want. Some days you might just want to keep it really simple and others you might want to add more variety to the exercises you are doing.

Here are some recommendations for each and what they will accomplish for you:

Simple Weights: I would not recommend going any higher than a 50 pound set. You can do curls and other simple exercises in a short amount of time getting the near same results as any other set of weights, but with less cost.

Jump Rope: This will not only benefit the arms, but the abs, legs and cardio that you need for every workout. Try doing this while listening to music you will be surprised at how much further you can go when your right brain is focusing on the artistic side of music allowing you to not get bored with the task at hand.

Stretch resistant bands: These things are actually almost more beneficial than weights in my opinion. They are safer and more versatile allowing to work out all of the major muscle groups.

Exercise machines: Two of the more popular ones these days are the treadmill or and the elliptical machine. They both offer convenience and versatility to your workout as well as most of the resistance you need to stay toned. Both of which will also assist in your cardio portion of the workout. The elliptical machine has different more inventive ways to work out.

Exercise videos: You cannot just use the video alone you will also need to incorporate something such as weights or the resistance bands or also an exercise ball. This will provide you with the freedom from having to be inventive and also free up your mind for instructions. Sometimes people just need to be instructed to get the best benefit.

Whatever you decide to do please keep in mind the safety factors and always listen to your body. Stop when you are in pain or get the first signs of being in pain and hydration is important. Keep a bottle of water handy at all times and do not hesitate to stop and take a drink when you need it.