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What Do The Experts Have To Say About BTC Price Prediction?

What Do The Experts Have To Say About BTC Price Prediction?

by December 12, 2019 Guide

Bitcoin is finally on rise. As per the market experts, the biggest cryptocurrency is up of late after 6 months of low. A major reason behind Bitcoin’s rise in recent times is increasing adoption of Bitcoin payments by a growing number of merchants worldwide. Moreover, the official launch of Bakkt last September has rendered much fuel to the growth of the coin of late. Bitcoin hiked to 10% immediately as the news of Bakkt hit the market. And according to market enthusiasts, the coin is on its way to witness a bullish trend from this year onwards. As of now, 1 Bitcoin is worth $7,734 USD.

So, what do the experts have to Analyse and predict about Bitcoin price in near future? Well, the post below offers a brief on price predictions on BTC by topmost market pundits.

John McAfee

McAfee has always been one of the strongest supporters of Bitcoin and he had kept his positive stance even when the coin was struggling through a bearish phase. In fact, with BTC finally on rise after a long period of low, he is even more optimistic now. According to him, BTC is poised to reach up to $1 million by 2020. He had also predicted that other promising altcoins, such as Apollo, would witness a 10x growth in near future.

Bobby Lee

Unlike McAfee, Lee was not exactly very optimistic about Bitcoin’s growth in the past. But, probably with Bitcoin on rise lately, he seems to have changed his stance. He had initially claimed that the coin will need as long as 2 decades to reach up to the mark of $1 million. However, at present, he noted that the coin would climb to $333,000 by 2021. According to him, BTC will start gaining momentum from the middle or final quarter of 2020. However, he had also predicted that the coin could plummet to $41,000 3 years later, in 2023. But on the other hand, he has not left his newly found optimistic notion about the coin. As per his prediction, the coin holds the potential to reach up till $7 trillion which would even cross gold’s market cap! He has further claimed that Bitcoin would ensure global liquidity and price stability in near future.

Tom Lee

Here is another Lee who is extremely positive about the growth of Bitcoin. The former Equity Strategist Chief of JP Morgan believes that the coin is poised to rise with more numbers of institutional investors joining the BTC market. In one of his recent interviews, he claimed that Donald Trump’s remarks might actually evoke a bullish run in the BTC scene.

Sam Doctor

According to a recent tweet by Doctor, mining costs might reduce BTC/USD price. This breakeven rate growth will lead to rise in Bitcoin price. He is positive Bitcoin might reach to $36,000 at the final month of 2019.

Anthony Pompliano

The celebrated Morgan Creek founder is also highly optimistic about Bitcoin. According to him, Bitcoin is actually here to stay and isn’t really going anywhere. He accepted the fact the BTC might hit low and go down to $3,000. However, he had also predicted that BTC will rise from 2019 which has already happened by now. As mentioned previously, Bitcoin is on rise of late after 6 months of low. Pompliano has assured there is absolutely no need to fret about declining price of the coin. As per his statements, Bitcoin is gaining a stronger hold in the market with each passing month and soon will be back on a dominant position.