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How To Make a Free And Easy Disney Princess Nametag

How To Make a Free And Easy Disney Princess Nametag

by February 28, 2020 Guide, Ideas, Travel & Guides

Planning and preparing for a trip to Disneyland can be tons of fun, despite the work involved. Many families that are preparing for their trip to Disneyland include various Disney themed items in the process. For example, those planning a trip to Disney might purchase Disney themed clothing for themselves and their children ahead of time to wear while they are at Disneyland. They may also purchase Disney themed luggage to take on their trip to Disneyland, and Disney themed toys for their children to play with during their Disney vacation. For families who have daughters that are fans of the Disney Princesses, there is an abundance of Disney Princess themed items on the market.

Another fun way to incorporate the Disney Princess characters into the planning and preparation phase of your trip to Disneyland, is to create Disney Princess themed nametags to use on the luggage your little girl will be using. Creating Disney Princess themed nametags for your luggage is a fun way to personalize the luggage that your little Disney Princess fans will be using.

Designing a Disney Princess themed nametag is very easy. It is just like looking for the odavad kohvrid online.  Simply choose Disney Princess themed clip art that you want to appear on the nametag. There is an abundance of free Disney Princess clip art to be found on the Internet. Specifically, the website, likely has any Disney Princess clip art that you may be looking for. Simply click on the image to show a larger view, and when it opens up in a new window, right click on the image and save it to your computer. Open up an MS Word document, and insert the clip art image. Then use a font you like to type the name onto the nametag. Many Disney fonts are available online, and MS Word has a font called Waltography MN whose letters are designed to look exactly like Walt Disney’s penmanship. Note: to be able to move the clip art image freely so that you can position it exactly where you like in relation to the name on the tag, right click on the image or choose the text wrapping option in your toolbar while the clip art image is highlighted. Choose to wrap in front of the text. If you’ve already typed your text, it may fall behind the image at this point. Simply place your cursor at the front of the text, and use the space bar to move it forward, out from under the clip art image.

Once you have designed your Disney Princess themed nametags, simply print them. They look best when printed on glossy photo paper because the ink appears shiny. If you don’t have photo paper, card stock would be more sturdy to print on than plain printer paper. When the nametags are printed, cut them to size. Lamination is suggested, and inexpensive lamination products can be found at discount stores such as Wal-Mart. You might even enjoy adding glitter or other sparkly decorations. Finally, use a hole punch to place a hole in the nametags, and then use a zip tie, string, or ribbon to attach your nametag to your luggage.