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Sacramento, California ‘s Great Clips Salon Review: Should You Trust Them?

Sacramento, California ‘s Great Clips Salon Review: Should You Trust Them?

by February 11, 2020 Beauty, Fashion, Guide, Reviews

We all love our hair and finding an inexpensive salon in Sacramento, CA can become quite the task. You want one that can do any woman or man hair style  which suits your taste. With so many beauty schools located in the area, the area is flooded with talented hair stylist that charge rates only George Clooney can afford. My family has eight members so hair care costs can easily sky rocket, and with our busy scheduled home hair cut kits are out of the question. Great Clips in Natomas, Sacramento, CA really helps ease the cost, and with talented stylists, excellent prices, and short wait times. Those are just three of the obvious reasons to visit Great Clips in Natomas.

When you first walk into the doors of Great Clips Salon the décor is similar to other salons, monochrome tile flooring, Flores ant lighting, and hair art covering the walls. Don’t forget about the hair style magazines covering the tables, the waiting area is actually quite large at Great Clips, with the eight of us there is still usually room for incoming passers by.

The area where hair cuts are conducted is actually pretty well laid out; the hair washing stations are located toward the back of the salon. The salon is kept very clean during business hours; the seating area is filled with children’s toys and books. There are also huge glass shelves with hair care products along them, atmosphere isn’t exactly vibrant but certainly when you come to get your hair cut this is not an issue.

The stylists found at the Great Clips Salon in Sacramento are all licensed beauticians, and very skilled. When you first walk into the Salon the stylists introduce themselves kindly, even if you are just there to buy hair care products they offer their useful insights. My wife wanted a specific hair style called the Italian cut that no other Salon in the area would touch, luckily one of the stylists named Jessica took her ideal and created the exact look she was searching for. I usually visit the same stylist for my hair and the other stylists never seem unhappy with my choice, I have come to the conclusion that most salon stylists are cut throat about clients, but these stylists are very friendly.

The hair cut prices are very affordable; they range around $8.00 for children to around $21.00 for adults, this is depending on what services you receive. This may seem high for some families, but in a city with numerous salons the price of a children’s hair cut can range around a minimum of $17.00. Great Clips Salon is the ideal choice for most people.

The wait times at Great Clips is actually really quick, I recommend scheduling an appointment so you can breeze right through. If you cannot schedule an appointment, I would recommend going on a weekday because the weekends are always busy.

The Great Clips Salon in Natomas, Sacramento, CA is an excellent choice for a family; you won’t be greeted with upscale salon amenities, and you definitely won’t be given a spa treatment. But you will be treated to wonderfully affordable, quality hair services. This makes the Great Clips Salon in Natomas, Sacramento, CA a definite place to visit if you are looking for a truly excellent Salon.