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Discovering the Innate Beauty of Kice Island

Discovering the Innate Beauty of Kice Island

by January 17, 2020 Travel & Guides

Marco Island is a dazzling cornucopia with a lot of great things to see and do. It is one of the prides of the state of Florida. With its good location, breath-taking beaches, luxury hotels and resorts, wide variety of activities and several places to visit, it is no doubt that Marco Island is one of the best places to visit if you want to have a genuine vacation. In this place, you’ll get a chance to meet different people who are also staying for vacation or travel, and you will discover so many hidden treasures of Florida. The Island is abundant in beautiful beaches that are rich in sea shells. Indeed, Marco Island is a haven and a great place to relax and have a good time with your family, friends and loved ones. One of the main attractions that Marco Island has to offer is the Kice Island or also known as the Cape Romano. If you happen to visit Marco Island for a vacation, you should not let the opportunity to pass by not exploring this fascinating Island. As such, to help you out, this article will go through some of things that you need to know about Kice Island.

For guests or vacationers in Marco Island who want to explore beyond the typical tours in the Island, they can journey to the southernmost tip of the Marco island – the Cape Romano or Kice Island. This island is part of the 10 000 islands preserve in Marco Island. To get into this haven, travelers need to travel by boat. While it may take a few minutes to reach the Island, Cape Romano has a lot of great things to offer and the travel is certainly worth it.

Getting To Cape Romano

Kice Island is located at the southern end of a large span of Islands, marshland, mangrove islets and also known as ten thousand islands. It can only be accessed by small watercraft or boat only. For guests who want to visit Cape Romano can have their departure at the Caxambas Park and Marina and take the hour and a half journey to the southern tip end of the Island. Boat rentals, concession stands and long term docking can be accessed at the four-acre park. Despite the long travel through water by boat, visitors are really aiming to see this island because of its own beauty.

What to See at Cape Romano

Kice Island is both in its natural environment and isolation. The place is the main point of landing for thousands of migratory birds each year that makes the ecosystem one of great importance. Despite the small spaces, beaches in this island are largely unoccupied. This provides plenty of space for visitors to catch some rays, check out the local wildlife without stepping over hundreds of beach towels and go for a swim. Visitors are also free to walk from one sand bar to another. This gives the natural feeling of experiencing the natural beauty of nature. If you want to feel like you are at the tip of the world, Cape Romano is ultimately the best place for you. 

Things to do in Cape Romano

The great thing about visiting Cape Romano is that visitors are not only enjoying the view but they are also free to do some fun and interesting activities around the island. Avi’s water sports offers rentals of Jet Ski that lets visitors to tour the waters near the Cape Romano. Avi’s offers hourly and full day rentals. So aside from Kice Island shelling, visitors can also enjoy wide variety of tours. Another fun thing to do in Cape Romano is to look for dolphins, experience first hand the waterways intricate network and dive off the boat. Off The Hook Adventures provide boat rental services and such tours as well. 

In this light, we can tell that Marco Island has definitely great things to over. Hence, Kice Island or Cape Romano is the perfect example of how rich and abundant the island is. So if you visit Marco Island with your family or friends make sure to also explore the Cape Romano so you can have a complete Marco Island experience.