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The Great Benefits Of Shopping At Five Below Stores

The Great Benefits Of Shopping At Five Below Stores

by May 3, 2020 Guide, Shopping

Dollar stores have been very popular destinations to buy everyday items and holiday gifts at a low price. In 2002, one new store changed the choices made by consumers when it comes to shopping for the holidays and any regular time of the year. The store was called Five Below. Since then, this value retail shop has expanded into over 50 locations on the east coast. Dollar stores may always be a great place for consumers to find inexpensive household items, crafts and holiday gifts. However, Five Below stores have set themselves apart in many ways to make them one of the best shopping destinations for young men and women.

Here are 5 great benefits for shopping at Five Below Stores:

Cheap prices at Five Below Stores

You can probably save more at dollar stores, but Five Below is also cheap. I have visited some Five Below locations a few times and found lots of inexpensive items on the shelf. Everything in the store is $5 or less, making this a great place to shop if you do not have lots of money to spend. Another great benefit of Five Below stores when it comes to price is that you can get more for what you pay. Much like dollar stores, Five Below locations carry lots of merchandise where you get two or three items for the price of one.

Quality Merchandise at Five Below Stores

One benefit that I noticed about Five Below stores that really sets them apart from traditional dollar and value stores is the merchandise. There are items you can buy that may be sold by Wal-Mart or other larger retailers at higher prices. You can get household items and essentials for college dorm rooms for less than you would pay for the same item elsewhere. I was very surprised to see that Five Below stores also carries popular entertainment like books, games and movies. I saw a few copies of The Wedding Crashers, CSI Games and Wheel of Fortune at one Five Below location.

These Five Below stores also carry fun electronics and accessories such as wireless headsets and cell phone cases. By visiting a Five Below store, it is easy to tell that the quality of their merchandise is on a higher level than retailers that sell merchandise for just $1. You can buy everything from food, cosmetics, household furniture and clothing at Five Below stores. Just about all of these items are popular brands, not the generic items you may find at dollar stores. This is an additional benefit of shopping at Five Below stores.

Fundraising Opportunities with Five Below Stores

I have not known of many large retailers who offer fundraising opportunities for almost any organization. You do not have to be the chairman of a large group with Tom Cruise at your spokesperson to be able to hold fundraising events with Five Below stores. This is a great depiction of one company helping the little guy. You can raise money for your school, sports team or other organization by teaming up with Five Below stores. They will give you a percentage of the sales from a chosen location. That is like one store working for you without your club having to spend a lot of money to produce a fundraiser on your own. This would require little effort which includes creating awareness for the shopping event and collecting your funds afterward.

Five Below Stores are Spacious

The Five Below stores that I visited were easy to navigate through. This is a very pleasant experience during the holiday shopping season. Five Below stores are well lit and may even have someone there to help you find items on your shopping list. You can also find almost everything you need in this store. You can find accessories, bags, slim minimalist wallet, clothes and so many more. You just have to ve very wise in choosing the things you need to buy.  That is not to say that dollar stores and other value stores are small. I have been to some large dollar stores as well. However, there are numerous locations of value stores that have too little space for shoppers to move around with ease. You either end up knocking merchandise over accidentally or waiting longer to get out of the store because other shoppers are moving slow. That can be a big hassle during the holidays which is why more spacious stores are the best places to shop.

The Trendy Benefit of Five Below Stores

The quality of merchandise at Five Below stores is not great only because of their durability. These products are also modern in style and in popular demand among consumers. Many of the products I found at Five Below stores were items that I saw on TV, in magazines or in more expensive stores. That makes this value retailer all the rage when it comes to the modern shopper. This aspect is also shown in the design and layout of Five Below stores. Everything from the store’s logo to its interior and exterior appearance is colorful and will easily grab your attention.

If you are looking for cheap merchandise but want the same quality of more costly products, Five Below is a great place to shop. You can easily get in and out of the store without feeling crammed with other shoppers. The staff may also be very helpful. However, this could depend on the location that you visit. I have yet to encounter any problems at Five Below stores. If you do not have a lot of money and still need to get a few holiday gifts, this store can help you save a significant amount of money.