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Give It A Rest: Making Your Own At-Home Spa Retreat

Give It A Rest: Making Your Own At-Home Spa Retreat

by March 8, 2020 Health & Wellness

Visiting a spa shouldn’t be something we only do on vacation, for special occasions or when we have some extra cash. With a little money and hard work, your local spa retreat is only a room away. Although, before you start with that it is a really good idea that you try Med Spa and Cosmetic Surgery in New Jersey yourself. This will give you a fair idea of the things that you need in your personal home spa along with all the basic things that you will need.

Keep it neutral

We like visiting spas because they are very calming and relaxing. You can create that atmosphere with neutral colors. But you don’t have to stick with boring beige – try misty blue, light purple, aqua, sage green, even a light gray.

Light up 

Make sure your bathroom is bright and light. If you are worried about privacy, try a light-colored bamboo blind or linen roman shade. These will let light in, and keep your neighbors out. You can also try a shutter or curtain on the bottom half of any window, which allows privacy but still lets the light in. If you don’t have any windows, try adding mirrors, candles, or another light fixture. If budget allows, research the possibility of adding a window or skylight.

Soft underfoot 

How the room feels is just as important as how it looks. Make sure your bathroom is full of comfortable textures. Get a large shag or flotaki rug in exchange for a bathmat. Invest in a plush bathrobe and new towels, maybe even some new slippers. Use a silk, chiffon, or linen shower curtain.

Something green

Bathrooms are great places for those hard-to-keep-alive plants such as bonsai trees, ferns, and tropicals, because of the humid atmosphere. Plants also absorb odors and increase air quality.

Treat your ears 

Escape the stress of home and shut out the whining kids, barking dogs and the droning washing machines. Install a wall fountain, CD player or TV. But limit yourself to uplifting, calming music and movies.


Smell is one of our strongest senses. Be sure your room has a smell you associate with positive memories, as well as something clean and fresh. Popular bathroom scents include green tea, eucalyptus, lavender or lemon. Perpetuate the smell by using a wallflower, burning candles or potpourri lantern or by using a scented lamp ring.

Bare necessities 

Clear off the countertops and other surfaces, keeping only those things you need. Dress up a collection of perfumes, lotions, and soap bottles on a silver charger with some pebbles or colored stones. Store towels and hair accessories in baskets for easy access. Organize books and magazines on an attractive rack.

Bring the outdoors in

Stone or wood floors, wood shelving or trim, natural-looking baskets, containers with moss or wheatgrass, bamboo blinds and rock waterfalls are great ways to add natural elements to your space.

A clean slate

Make sure the bathroom is clean and looks that way. Bleach any discolored or stained areas. Touch up trim with bright white paint. Replace outdated bathroom fixtures. Use porcelain paint to touch up any chips or nicks. Replace worn floors, or cover them with rugs. Clean and thoroughly dust all mirrors, windows and light fixtures.


You can never have too many toiletries, but you can have too many on display at one time. Don’t let your accessories take over. If you like to have a lot of bath luxuries at an arm’s length, create some unity. Check your local craft or dollar store for glass bottles/containers with lids or cork tops. It may take some time to transfer bottles, but unifying the containers will add simple elegance to your bath products. If you’re on a tighter budget, try removing the labels for a cleaner, more simplified look.

Create visual interest with contrast 

Trade-in busy patterns for color contrast. Try subtle stripes or simple geometric patterns. Use light vs. dark, or warm vs. cool colors. If you have mocha walls, punch things up with endless possibilities. Place cream or white towels on rods or in light-colored baskets. Accent the brown with bright, variegated greenery. Hang a cool baby blue shower curtain for bold color.