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10 Pro Tips to Win Clash Royale Like A Boss

10 Pro Tips to Win Clash Royale Like A Boss

by March 3, 2020 Gaming

Online games have been a rage since the 90’s. With the advancement of technology and graphics as a whole, the entire experience of online gaming has become way more fun. Now we can play game on our smartphones which has been extremely successful for game makers because now one doesn’t have to be only at home to play their favourite video games. You can play games on the go, during college or office breaks, on your way to, or from work, anytime, anywhere. 

The success of Clash of Clans and the inception of its successor

Several companies have successfully launched many strategy games and they have tended to do better in multiplayer form. One of such games was Clash of Clans which was launched in 2012. It was an instant sensation and got gamers hooked for hours. Supercell decided that Clash of Clans could do with an upgrade and hence, they came up with Clash Royale.

Using the elements, characters and storyline from Clash of Clans, the developers made something better and more challenging and needless to say, it paid off well. 

About Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a free, real time strategy game, based on the elements of Clash of Clans. So, if you were a Clash of Clans fan, you will absolutely love Clash Royale. It falls under the collectible card game section and was launched by Supercell in 2016. Ever since its inception, the game has been doing exceptionally well. You can make your clan and play with players all over the world and engage in battles in real time. The game is always active and exciting and is constantly updated with better and more amazing features. Clash Royale has won many awards in the gaming world. One notable award was the AMD eSports Audience Awardwhich shows how popular it is amongst its fans. 

Game elements

You can engage in battle with other clans at the battle arena. You have to protect your tower with good defence and a smart deck. The deck contains 42 cards. The trick to win is to spread out your defence innovatively and use the deck in such a way that your enemy is laid defenceless. The combination of the right kind of cards from the deck is what can make or break your battle. So, making up a really strong deck and using it efficiently is the key to be a champion in Clash Royale. You have princes, baby dragons, knights, along with hog riders, giants, wizards, witches and everything magical you can think of. Using your spells and defences will help you collect trophies and become a worldwide sensation. The more trophies you have, the stronger your clan will be. To get a better idea on how to make and use your cards well, you can check this page for more decks

Read on to learn few tricks and tips to win this game like a boss-

  1. The elixir is important. You need to make well-thought-out trades to gain more elixir which will help you gain the upper hand in battles. It’s good to go for max elixir but if you and your opponent both have max elixir and they attack; you have to use some of the elixir you have to hold an advantage over them. But don’t use up too much. It’s hard to come by. 
  2. Elixir also provides a defensive advantage. So, if you don’t attack first, and have a lot of elixir, the chances of your clan winning the battle remain high. 
  3. The cards in your deck have attacks and which are assigned for different kinds of damages. Use of tombstone, fireball and wizard card is favourable. You can safeguard yourself from most enemy attack waves if you place the wizard behind your tower. It’s protected there. But keep changing this position because it can be nuked. If opponents learn of your strategy they will attack there immediately. 
  4. Use proactive and reactive cards together. They are more useful together. For example, if you have to make a choice, pick barbarian over skeleton, Pekka, Valkyrie, giant, or knight. 
  5. Card cycling is extremely important. Hog and freeze go together as a good defence but keep changing the combinations to catch your enemy by surprise. 
  6. The last deck should be chosen wisely. Go for the witch or balloon and freeze card together. 
  7. It’s always smart to arrange your units to hit at once for maximized damage. This works for attack and defence both. 
  8. If you are planning to attack first, make sure you do that when you have strong troops, max elixir, your tank card in front and good damage troops at the back. 
  9. Push can be resisted. Use nuke, fireballs, arrows, bombs and baby dragons as successful push strategies.
  10. Balloons and giants attack smaller buildings. Distract them with canons or tombstones. The same works for hog riders and golems.

Use these basic strategies and you’ll have a good winning streak in Clash Royale.