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The Cole Hans Gold Braided Shoe Review

The Cole Hans Gold Braided Shoe Review


The Cole Han’s braided shoe is actually called the Air Haylee platform sandal. This is a classically designed shoe, but the color of it gives it a trendy twist. The proper color is called Sahara Gold.

The reason why this shoe is so important to you is that it could help you in your endeavor to dress like Beyonce. This platform sandal has a gold metallic leather strap that fits nicely over your feet. Actually the strap just fits right near the ankle area. What I really like about this design is that the strap is really small. Which is nice because many platform straps have a thick strap that just makes your foot look bulky! The strap is braided and adds a unique flair to the overall design.

Everything about this shoe will remind you of Beyonce, without having to pay Beyonce’s price! The strap that goes along the back of your heel is not braided and is just a little bit thicker than the front strap. The reason why this strap is thicker is to offer more support. However, it is still reasonably sized and not in the least bit bulky.

The insole of the platform is just as attractive as the outer parts of the shoe. You can say that you get the best shoe inserts that are there in the market. This technology that is developed by Nike makes these shoes worth their price. Additionally,  you also get to see how their design is quite seamless as well making them perfect with evert dress that you wear. It carries the same gold metallic color and is amply cushioned. This sandal can be worn for a long time because of how much cushion this platform has. 

The faux wood platform has a glassy smooth finish and is a 4-inch platform heel. The front of the platform is 1.5 inches high. With these 4 inch heels, you might just be as tall as Beyonce!

This sandal platform usually retails for $195.00., but if you purchase it through you can get it for a low $97.00! That is amazing you get a savings of 50%!

Now, what are shoes without something to wear them with? I would like to recommend a black mesh cowl neck shirt manufactured by Sweet Pea! This will only cost $39 and will look stunning with these sandals. If you are someone who likes to add some extra flair to your get up then you can add mustard-colored spaghetti strap underneath that hangs right below the black! I am sorry! Scratch that idea! This shirt can be ordered with a mustard-colored band around the waist! It has a really cute blouson fit so that you can hide any rolls and extra little things! This shirt is nylon and it is recommended that you hand wash it so that you can help it keep its shape longer!

So how would Beyonce rock these shoes? Beyonce would wear the shoe with some low cut slim jeans and a casual T or the cowl neck shirt I just recommended. Beyonce’s jeans would be a light stone wash. To give the outfit more flair Beyonce would throw on some big gold earrings!