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My Battle With a Cancer Insurance Company

My Battle With a Cancer Insurance Company

by March 7, 2020 Insurance

My father passed away nearly a decade ago from lung cancer, but in some respects, time never eases the pain that you feel like a child. I close my eyes and it still feels like yesterday that I received the middle-of-the-night phone call from my brother. He had been with our Father at the time of his passing. It’s a horrible feeling losing a parent. At that time there are many things that have to be taken care of. Funeral arrangements are of course the major hurdle, but there are also many financial loose ends that have to be tied up. I volunteered to take care of the life and health insurance areas. All this can be a little difficult to manage, not everyone is mentally tough. This is why you will see that as you get Get a Quote for Specialist Home Insurance or for your auto insurance make sure that you also get one for health insurance that can help you when you need it. 

I was helping my mother go through the contents of the lockbox shortly after my Father had been laid to rest. We located the life insurance policies without any problem. We also found a cancer policy that my Father had purchased years ago and my mother either didn’t know anything about, or she had known at the time but had since forgotten. At any rate, I took the policy and assured her that I would take care of it. I honestly cannot remember the name of the insurance company that had written the cancer policy. Even if I did, I would not mention it in this article. I do remember that it was a rather large insurance company whose name anybody would recognize.

My father had purchased the policy from a family friend many years before when this friend was first starting out in the insurance game. My Father probably felt sorry for him and purchased the first thing the insurance agent put under his nose. As I said, the policy was from a reputable company and I had every expectation that my Mother would be able to receive some compensation, especially since my father had died of cancer.

The cancer insurance was supposed to pay x amount of dollars for each day that my father had been treated for or hospitalized for his illness. I submitted charges and the insurance company refused to pay any of them for whatever reason the pencil-pushing nerd in claims could come up with on that particular day. It was a real struggle to get any money from the insurance company. I even had to enlist the aid of my State Senator’s Office to receive any compensation, and even then I settled for less than what my Father was actually owed.

Please read the fine print on any cancer insurance policy that you purchase. It appears these companies only want to pay in certain situations, like when the temperature is above 80 degrees on an overcast day while a herd of the armadillo is running through your house and there is a westerly wind of 22mph outside. It really was almost that ludicrous. My Father would have been very upset if he had known how all of this turned out. Especially since he paid on a cancer policy for years that in the end did very little to help his family.