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Let’s Know The Difference Between A Band Saw And A Scroll Saw!

Let’s Know The Difference Between A Band Saw And A Scroll Saw!

by May 5, 2020 Guide

No doubt, the different types of saws are out there, but all of them are not the same. When you search online to buy a saw, then you can get a list of various saws to choose from. Before going to pick the one, you need to determine your needs and pay attention to some crucial factors. You may have noticed that the scroll saws and band saws are more common these days. At first glance, both of these saws look similar. 

It is important to understand everything related to the scroll saws and band saws for making your final choices. Know the features and other details of these two different saws and then take your steps forward. Most of the buyers are still confused about whether they should buy a band saw or scroll saw. If you are also facing the same problem, then you need to take care of some essential things. Both of the saws have a work table as well as a blade that is located in the middle of the machine. 

The band saw, and scroll saw has a lot of differences that you need to keep in mind before going to make purchases. With the help of knowing the differences, you can buy the right type of saw to meet your requirements.  Keep reading this post to know all about the band saw and scroll saw. 

What is a band saw? 

The band saw is one of the common saws that look similar to the scroll saw. This saw is more powerful than the scroll saw. And that’s why you are able to cut metal, but it is mainly used for woodworking. It is open to the front and rear, so you can also use a long wood object for it. Whenever you put an object on the table, then you should always try to keep a space between the object and the blade. 

The band saw is compact in size, which makes it more demanding among the contractors with the small workplace. This saw is versatile that allows you to make use of the different types of blades without hassles. If you want to cut metal, then you should use the strong blades, whereas the use of small blades can be used for detailed work. 

What is scroll saw? 

The scroll saw is also gaining popularity due to its small blades. Well, this saw is operated by electricity that allows controlling the speed of the moving blades. You just need to press the pedals for controlling the blades. Most of the people find it challenging at the beginning, but later they can master the skills by using it regularly. 

While buying this saw from the market or online, you should pay attention to the throat size. It is a crucial factor that should be considered during the selection process. Make sure the blades are six inches long and able to cut the thick materials. While using this saw, you can change its blades with ease. It also makes it an ideal option for buyers. 

Let’s know the difference 

Once you have checked the details related to scroll saw and the band saw, you should pick the one as per your needs. Before making your final decision, it becomes important to know that how the band saw is different from the scroll saw. If you want to check out all the differences, then you should read the points which have been mentioned below. 


  • The main difference between these two is the blade. The blades of band saws are bigger, whereas the scroll saws have small-sized blades. The bigger blades are flexible, but the small blades are thin. With the help of knowing this difference, you may easily pick the right saw in order to cater to your needs. 
  • If you are working on a small project, then you should purchase the scroll saws. On the other hand, the band saws are beneficial to handle large projects. It is also the main factor which makes these saws different from each other. Always notice this essential point and then choose the right saw to make purchases. 
  • The scroll saws are useful for the detail as well as designing work. With the help of a band saw, you can’t handle these tasks. The band saws are only useful to handle the big projects where you need to cut the big wood. This saw also works better for cutting metal, but people consider it for woodworking projects. 


After knowing all these differences, you can easily decide to buy the right type of saw to handle your projects. Remember all these points while making your decision to avoid mistakes. A bad choice may lead to several problems in the future, and that’s why you should make your decision smartly. 

What should I buy? 

If you are willing to buy a saw, then you may face some issues during the selection process. After knowing the difference between a band saw and a scroll saw, you can easily pick the one. Buyers should always understand the purposes of buying a saw to make the right decision in no time. Never make your choices in a hurry because a single mistake may create several problems. Determine the type of task for which you require a saw and then choose the right option. Both saws look similar, but they are not. 

Read the details and features of these two and then take your steps forward. To get the quality cut, you should use the right saw. Never use one saw for other’s job because it may affect the quality of work that you are doing. In the below post, we are going to mention the main uses of the scroll saw and the band saw. 

Uses of the scroll saw – 

  • create jigsaw puzzles 
  • detailed cuts  
  • make letters as well as  numbers from wood 
  • suitable for all small projects

Uses of the band saw – 

  • shelves and tables 
  • planter boxes 
  • handle all big projects  

You should pay proper attention to these details for making the right decision to make purchases.  Instead of wasting your time to find the right saw to handle your projects. You should consider all the above-mentioned factors to pick the right type of saw to meet your requirements. Along with these factors, you should also give importance to your budget. According to the prices, the scroll saws are the cheaper ones. You also need to keep your budget in mind for making the final purchases. 

So, what’s the final verdict? 

It is not good to think that the band saws and the scroll saws are exactly the same. It is true that these two look same, but they are used to handle different tasks. The band saws are used to handle the big projects related to wood like making furniture. On the other hand, the scroll saws are mainly used for decorative projects. Keep all the essential details in mind and then decide the right type of saw as per your task. You can also buy both to deal with the different types of woodworking projects.