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How To Reduce Pain In Your Knees, Back, Legs And Feet By Nearly 50% Without Medicine Or Surgery!

How To Reduce Pain In Your Knees, Back, Legs And Feet By Nearly 50% Without Medicine Or Surgery!

by March 7, 2020 Health and Fitness

What would you pay for pain relief? What if you could reduce the pain you feel in your legs, back, knees and feet without taking a single pill? Surprisingly enough, there is a way you will not only feel less pain (maybe even no pain at all) but comfort too.

I first saw these amazing shoes on a worker in Home Depot. She was pouring a five gallon bucket of paint for me and I thought, “She sure bounces around a lot!” I happened to look down at her feet and noticed that her shoes had full coil springs on them. I asked her about them and she said, “I love these shoes, I can wear them all day and still feel like dancing when I get home”. That peaked my curiosity. My husband works on his feet all day, and after removing his work boots at the end of the day and sitting down for about 20 minutes, he can hardly walk because of the severe pain in his feet.

So I asked her how to get a pair of them, do I just run up to Sears or what? She said they were only available from an authorized Z-coil Retailer but I could go on line and look up Z-coil and I could locate a store in our area. That is what I did and we went to the store that evening after my husband got home. I thought, well, it’s worth a try, at least and see if he could get some pain relief without surgery.

We walked into the store and began talking to the owner. He was a retired contractor and said he loved this “job” more than any job he had ever had. He said the people who purchase these shoes have such a drastic relief of pain in their back and knees, feet and legs and nearly all of them come back and give him a big hug. Sometimes they cry. He said he sometimes cries with them. Most of them have even had surgery and couldn’t get any relief but this helped them right away, others wanted to avoid surgery and give them a try first.

So I thought, “I wouldn’t mind trying a pair on just to bounce around a bit”. That was it! Once I put a pair of Z-coil tennis shoes on I didn’t take them off. I had no idea how much I needed them. We “sprung” out of that store that day with two pair! Here it is four years later and we still wear them and love them.

Some of the best things about them are that they are built on an orthotic platform, which is great, and the powerful part of that is they don’t hurt your feet, and they are ergonometrically designed for pain relief and the Top Female Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Michigan are the best surgeon that performs the operation really well and the patients gets faster recovery from the surgical wounds; that appears during the time of operation because of the WBCs layers break down. And they work! Whether you have high arches or flat feet! Because they absorb up to 50% of the impact on your feet, knee and ankle joints, back and leg muscles and sciatic nerve, your feet aren’t as tired at the end of the day and they actually feel great! Even if you spend all day walking on concrete or standing or on your feel (like a nurse can be) you will wonder how you got by without them.

In this day and age when we can fly, drive, ride a bike, take a ship, travel to nearly anywhere we want, even fly to the MOON it is finally time someone figured out how to ease the pain in something as simple as walking.