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Pneumatic System- Understanding The Basics

Pneumatic System- Understanding The Basics

by January 22, 2020 Guide, Industry

Whenever you get to hear about certain new terms that you have never ever heard being used before, confusion prevails and it gets much worse when you are asked at any function or gathering, to give sermons on it. 

For one, you would not know where to begin and how to end when the pace of speech picks up after starting it off. One such term is pneumatic system. It is not a word that you get to hear in your everyday conversation.

Lets get to know what is a pneumatic system? In simple words, it is a system or machine that produces energy with the help of compressed air. It is quite unique in nature and only the experts can give a detailed explanation about it.

You must have heard of renewable resources which can be utilized by everyone again and again like solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy, to name a few. But this is something that is quite different and not at all related to wind power in any manner.

It is a known fact that wind power is used to power up portable generators with the help of local gusts which eventually leads to proper functioning of other electrical appliances as well and this process has been followed since ancient times when early man did not have any of the modern technology available at that time.

The energy is transmitted to various other sources that are used to complete various tasks that can be completed only with the help of electricity, which incidentally is used throughout the world today.

Pneumatic system is a complex branch that can be understood only by an engineer as only they have adequate knowledge regarding the subject due to years and years of studying and experimenting with various gadgets. In fact, you will see that even locals are familiar with the technique due to them hanging out with professionals and serving as their assistants.

It has now become a regular practice for pneumatics to be used for starting up locomotive engines that carry various train compartments and also used by coal miners for carrying off coal when they are working in underground mines.

Bear in mind that steam engines are extremely dangerous for use in this regard as they are liable to explode if used in excess and the moment they come into contact with inflammable material.

The electric train tracks produce sparks when the train whooshes past and that alone is enough to create a huge recipe for disaster. There can be no better alternative for producing compressed air than pneumatics which has the tendency for changing the fortunes of electrical engineers.

Not only air, even gas can be used for electricity purposes as pneumatic system has a good alternative for that as well as they are used in chemical industries that are functioning with the help of pressurized air and various gases and gaseous substances.

Devices like electrical motors, gas and power cylinders, air motor and other pneumatic related items are powered with the help of electricity, and this is where they are different from non renewable resources but at the same time, cannot be classified as complete renewable resources either.

An interesting fact about pneumatic system is that it can be controlled with the help of valves made up of solenoid and practiced in the form of manual labor with the physical use of hands.

It is so because when the cost is relatively lower and this makes them more flexible and safe for use, which in turn become a very good substitute for electrically powered motors and actuators.

The versatility of pneumatic system can be gauged from the fact that it is also practiced in professions as diverse as mining, constructions, dentistry, mechanical engineering, etc.

Festo distributors are considered the best for pneumatic system as they are quite a reputed brand in the market and are experts in the field of technology and electronics of the most advanced branch.

To conclude, pneumatic system is itself quite a complex branch of study and one article will not suffice to do justice to the broader details, but it sure will prove to be quite useful to everyone as they are so versatile for use in different fields as mentioned above.