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Innovative Kitchen Benefits Of Induction Cooktop

Innovative Kitchen Benefits Of Induction Cooktop

by January 10, 2020 Appliances

Cooking appliances have gone far in terms of innovations these past years. From gas to electric burners, induction cooktops are now available. And you can purchase quality inductions cooktops from today.

Interestingly, an induction cooktop is a fireless cooking appliance. Yes, it helps cook your food in the kitchen without any fire. Along with plenty of useful features, this new machine have revolutionized cooking in homes and restaurants. No wonder why it have took Europe by storm, and it’s now getting popular in USA and across the globe.

All about Induction Cooktop and its Fantastic Perks for your Kitchen

Induction cooktops are cooking machines which don’t use fire. Instead, it runs on the principles of heat and electromagnetism. You simply put a compatible pot or pan on the cooktop, then heat automatically flows from the machine. You won’t see any fire or heatwaves coming out of the cooktop’s surface. Instead, heat directly flows from the cooktop to the kitchenware without any interruption.

That’s why a compatible cooking ware is necessary in using an induction cooktop. You must use a pan or pot where electromagnetic waves can flow. To know if a cooking ware is compatible or not, place a magnet below it. A kitchenware is compatible if it attracts the magnet.

Certainly, this is one of the reasons why induction cooktop had a hard time in becoming popular outside Europe. The machine alone is pricy enough which can go up to few thousand dollars for a quality unit. Then you need to invest on new compatible kitchenware for it. It just gained popularity after its market price drops a bit.

Aside from price decrease, its perks are also too enticing to ignore. Induction cooktops come with wonderful benefits which is perfect for any home or business. Hence, you must know these perks and see why you should buy one today.

5 Benefits an Induction Cooktop offers

Yes, induction cooktops are more expensive than any electric or gas stoves. But these benefits are surely worth buying for:

  1. Faster Cooking Time

As mentioned earlier, an induction cooktop works by letting heat flow directly from the machine to a pot or pan. Therefore, heat is focused directly to the cooking ware, instead of being scattered around it. As a result, the cooking ware gets hot faster, and so with the ingredients it contain. In fact, boiling water using an induction cooktop only takes half of the time than traditional methods.

This is certainly great for a busy household. Think of instantly preparing breakfast and lunchboxes for the whole family in a morning while everybody is in a hurry. Went home later than usual? No worries, you can prepare dinner in no time!

Needless to say, it’s perfect for food business too. Customers don’t have to wait for a long time before enjoying their food. Hence, they’d love to go back for more in your store, while probably bringing friends along. Instant marketing advantage through service.

  1. Convenient and Accurate Control

This is another feature which sets induction cooktop different from gas and electric burners. Induction cooktops have accurate controls which is easy to use. You can set its heat temperature properly to gain specific cooking results. That increases the repeatability of your cooking, or easily know how to adjust it for even better outcome.

This is largely helpful for business where repeatability and consistency of quality are needed. You can simply instruct your cooking staff to follow standard operating procedures according to time and temperature. Certainly perfect when used with superb cooking skills. So, your customers would enjoy their cravings anytime they visit your place.

This benefit is great for your home as well. Your family can enjoy the same meals or snacks they crave, especially if they want it to be exactly similar than before.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Cooking machines use fire or heat to do their job. Difference is, induction cooktops do it in a highly energy efficient way. And that’s with the same principle discussed earlier.

Picture a gas stove at work. It surrounds the bottom of a pot with fire. Thing is, its fire doesn’t focus on the pot alone. Instead, it’s scattered all around its bottom, and releases heat to the air.

In a nutshell, a gas stove doesn’t heat the pot alone, but the air around it as well. Same with an electric burner which emits heatwaves to the pot. Both are not efficient in terms of energy usage, since they need to use too much gas or electricity.

In contrast, an induction cooktop focus its heat to the cooking ware sitting on it alone. It doesn’t waste any heat energy to the air. Hence, it heats a pot much faster and much more efficient without using too much energy.

And you know how valuable energy saving for any household and business is.

  1. Safety

Dealing with fire is always a risky task—even if it’s used for cooking. That’s why fire breaking out from stoves are common, and many people have acquired burns while cooking. This happen whether in homes or business too.

Induction cooktops have unique structure wherein it don’t emit heat or fire away from the machine and from the kitchenware on it. Again, it simply lets heat flow from the machine to the pot or pan. Once done, you can remove the pot and you won’t even feel any heat on the machine almost instantly.

So, you don’t have to worry about fire reaching any flammable object, even if its grease on the cooktop itself. Basically keeping your household or store safe from fire incidents because of cooking. It’s even safe for kids to use, which is helpful if you want to teach them how to cook.

  1. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Last but not the least, induction cooktops are easy to clean. You only need to wipe stains or spills over it. Note that its surface doesn’t get too hot, so no need to worry about spills or grease getting too hard to remove. That means you don’t have to scrub hard just to make an induction cooktop clean.

Hence, no cleaning hassles before or after you cook. It helps in keeping your family away from accumulating bacteria, viruses or molds from stains. And on a business perspective, it helps you pass sanitation and health inspections too.

Buy the Best Induction Cooktop today!

Induction cooktops are certainly great addition for homes or food stores. However, you must buy the best quality units to avoid faulty products. You don’t want to end up spending more because of repairs or replacement. Induction cooktops are naturally expensive, but they’re worth to buy because of its huge benefits.

As a rule of thumb, begin by avoiding any cheap offers. One induction cooktop can price as high as $1000 or more. Then, look for brands which many buyers trust. Check online reviews, and find the best choice of customers on the web.

Finding a reliable seller is also necessary. You can visit a local kitchenware store and ask for induction cooktops. Alternatively, look for reputable online sellers such as the That’s where you can buy the best one for your kitchen.

Innovate your kitchen with an induction cooktop today! Buy the best quality one, and enjoy its cooking perks.