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Laser Hair Removal 101: Things to Know before Getting a Session

Laser Hair Removal 101: Things to Know before Getting a Session

by January 31, 2020 Skin Care

There are many fantastic things people hear from laser hair removal treatment today. For example, laser hair removal in New Jersey uses the Alma laser system to provide a pain-free experience for clients. And that’s certainly great for people with low pain tolerance. However, there are many other points you must know before booking a laser hair removal session.

This is to keep you away from false hopes and misconceptions about laser hair removal technology. Also, it helps in preparing yourself before booking for the treatment. After all, it’s not simply going into a clinic and getting a session right away.

What to Keep in Mind before Booking for a Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

  • There are Different Types of Laser Machines

Laser hair removal uses special machines which emits light to heat up melanocytes. Melanocytes are cells that gives color to the skin and hair. Now, when these cells heat up, they destroy surrounding tissues on the skin, including hair follicles. That is why different types of lasers are there to control such effects of the melanocytes.

Some laser types cover wider range through bigger lasers, but this is harder to control because it doesn’t pinpoint the exact hair to be removed. On the other hand, lasers which emits dot-size of light targets melanocytes easier, meaning it minimizes damage on the skin. Different laser types according to different skin colors and types are available too.

  • Laser Hair Removal doesn’t Harm your Skin

Laser hair removal treatment cause irritations on your skin because of heat exposure. You’d feel some discomforts and pain throughout the procedure, and possibly few hours afterwards. However, these are simple skin reaction—similar to sun exposure while on the beach. It doesn’t cause permanent discoloration, scarring or burns.

But if you worry about such discomforts, tell your therapist and they’d provide some solutions to you. Some laser machines come with cooling mechanisms to keep your skin on comfortable temperature throughout each session. Rubbing ointment are available to keep your skin cool as well.

  • You need to Undergo a Few Sessions to Complete the Treatment

Laser hair removal requires you to undergo around 6 to 8 sessions or even more to complete the entire treatment. It would be spread evenly throughout few months. And the number of session necessary depends on the type of your skin and hair.

People with light-colored skin and dark hair tends to have lesser sessions. Whereas people with dark skin requires more. Also, the laser hair removal treatment doesn’t work well with gray hair because it has no melanocytes to heat up. Talk with your therapist about the ideal number of sessions you must undergo.

  • Shave Off Hair before each Session

Now, say you’ve already booked for a laser hair removal session. You don’t simply go to the clinic for it. Instead, do proper preparations to avoid unnecessary hassles and discomforts.

Trim or shave off the hair on the area you want to be treated. Laser hair removal isn’t about removing existing hair, but about targeting hair follicles to reduce or remove hair for a longer time. Shaving or trimming is needed to avoid burnt smell of hair through the session. Also, it makes it easier for the laser to reach the target.

  • Care for your Skin after each Session

As previously mentioned, you’d most likely acquire some skin irritation after the procedure. Your therapist may offer some ointment to minimize discomfort. But applying ice cubes on the area can help.

Also, avoid exposing your body to heat sources, such as the sun or warm baths. This is to avoid bringing more heat to the treated area.

  • Laser Hair Removal isn’t a Permanent Solution

Contrary to popular belief, laser hair removal doesn’t keep hair off your skin permanently. But it stops hair growth for longer years. Moreover, once hair grows back, it’s certainly lesser than before. Good thing is, some upkeeps are available which are perfect after getting laser hair removal treatment.

Now, you’re ready to book for a laser hair removal appointment! But as a last yet valuable reminder, always find a reliable expert to do the treatment. Never put your wellness at risk because of small price rates. That would certainly lead you to fascinating results.