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Liquid Diet Suggestions for Jaw Surgery Patients

Liquid Diet Suggestions for Jaw Surgery Patients

by March 12, 2020 Food, Health & Wellness

Having your mouth wired shut after jaw surgery can put a real cramp in your eating style. It might seem impossible to find anything that you can blend up well enough to slurp through a straw. You have to find some way of getting some nutrients after jaw surgery, otherwise your body won’t have enough nutrients to fuel your recovery. Don’t fret, aside from helpful information from online space where plastic surgery marketing is an extremely crowded space, there are some foods that have flavor and will travel up a straw. So, if you find yourself on a liquid diet, try some of these tasty treats.

Tomato Soup

A person may not be a big fan of tomato soup when you can chew, but after a couple of days of milk shakes, jaw surgery patients will enjoy the punch of flavor that tomato soup can offer. Most items that people think of when they realize they will have to be on a liquid diet consist of a lot of dairy. The problem with eating dairy day after day while your mouth is wired shut is the after taste. You aren’t going to be able to brush your teeth fully for a couple of weeks, and while you can use mouth wash, this won’t completely rid you of the dairy after taste. You will need items like tomato soup, for your liquid diet after jaw surgery to refresh your mouth from that warm milk taste.

Chicken or Beef Broth

If you are craving something meaty, then try grabbing a cube of chicken or beef broth mix and stirring it up in a cup of warm water. This is about as close as your can get as a jaw surgery patient, to tasting meat while your mouth is wired shut. Making the broth separate, as opposed to simply buying a cup of soup and drinking the broth is preferable since small bits of food that you will suck up out of a cub of soup can start to build up and block off the gaps in your teeth that allow your liquid diet through. It is frustrating enough being a jaw surgery patient confined to a liquid diet without having constant build blocking your liquid consumption.

Fruit Smoothie

You aren’t going to have much luck with a smoothie made from fresh or frozen fruit, but if you make a smoothie from frozen pulp free fruit juice, well then, you can still enjoy the slushy texture without having to worry about the pulp blocking your nourishment. Jaw surgery patients have to learn how to make their favorite liquid items as smooth as possible, a fruit smoothie made with frozen fruit juice instead of fresh fruit is a great example of this.

Apple Juice

It may seem simple, but getting a decent dose of flavor when you are on a liquid diet as a jaw surgery patient can be difficult. A good brand of apple juice can offer you a great deal of flavor, and when served nice a cold can be quite refreshing to a mouth that is wired shut.

Hopefully you will find these suggestions help full as a jaw surgery patient on a liquid diet. Keep in mind, as a recovering patient, you need to give you body fuel to recover. Also, make sure that you avoid anything overly sour, like lemonade, because as a patient recovering from jaw surgery, such sour liquid diet items can cause your jaw to wind up, placing you in a decent amount of pain.