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Schmorl’s Nodules, Weakening Of Spine Muscles: Decreasing Work Place Productivity And

Schmorl’s Nodules, Weakening Of Spine Muscles: Decreasing Work Place Productivity And

by December 29, 2019 Health & Wellness

As back pain listed as the most common reason for missed time from work, it is important to note that more than 19 percent of all back pain is associated with the development of Schmorl’s Nodules. While more common among a younger generation of adults, Schmorl’s Nodules can affect anyone at any age and can be attributed to sudden injury or deterioration of a weakened spine column. With back pain as a continuing complaint among Americans today, understanding the cause and origin of Schmorl’s Nodules, and the diagnostic measures and treatment options available, may provide for an improved quality of life for working Americans.

Schmorl’s Nodules are simply a bulging of the endplates found in the vertebrae of the spinal column. Generally attributed to a traumatic event, such as a car or work related accident, Schmorl’s Nodules require conservative treatment over many months leading to unproductivity and missed time from work. Diagnosing Schmorl’s Nodules can be achieved through x-ray however a more definitive diagnosis is recommended through a completed MRI as the MRI will provide a greater success rate of identifying the presence of Schmorl’s Nodules as the back pain culprit and can assist in quantifying the presence of the Schmorl’s Nodules.

Symptoms assocuated with Schmorl’s Nodules include significant back pain and stiffness which is attributed to the weak point of the spinal endplates. Of these Schmorl’s Nodule symptoms, back stiffness, is more commonly the complaint as many adults indicate they are unable to perform physical fitness activities and even activities of daily living. With the development of Schmorl’s Nodules, the patient finds greater difficulty in mobilizing and, in rare cases, pain is not developed until such time as a total fracture or herniation of the verterbrae occurs. For this reason, when back stiffness is significant without the presence of back pain, many healthcare professionals will recommend an MRI to address the presence of Schmorl’s Nodules. Without early intervention and treatment, the Schmorl’s Nodules may increase the likelihood of spinal complications in the future.

New Jersey’s top orthopedic spine surgeon is providing relief from nerve damage at any age of the person. As deterioration of the spine muscles can lead to severe and chronic pain in the body of the patient. In the treatment of Schmorl’s Nodules, the recommended treatment recommendation lies