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Here Is About Hair Clippers And The Way To Use Those

Here Is About Hair Clippers And The Way To Use Those


Hair styling and cutting is a need today. You have to stay groomed all the time. The ones who have really small hair often face a problem with hair cutting using the help of a scissor or so. Hence, a specialized implement has been made to cut such hair and is called as hair clipper. It works on the exact same principle on which the scissors work but is still very different from both scissors and razors too. Hair clippers provide heavy duty work and are much more easy to use. It works mechanically and runs on batteries which are needed to be charged on a regular interval of time before its use on the hair.

It is slightly different than hair trimmers. There are many good or we can say, the best cordless hair trimmer available in the market but people usually prefer hair clippers over it. Before choosing one, you should first consider learning about the motor whether it is rotary, magnetic or pivot, the blades which need to be strong and sharp for an effective trim, the accessories which are provided with it such as blade guards, whether it comes with a cord or is cordless, and how you are planning to apply it to use.

How to use hair clippers

Step 1: Choose the right blade for your desired hair cut. The smaller blades in length are used for a shorter cut while as we increase the length of the blades, the longer the cut gets. This says that the length of the blade determines the amount of hair to be cut.

Step 2: Prep your hair with a soothing hair washes with shampoo which will help to lose any kinds of knots in the hair. There is no worry about what hair the clipper should be used. It can be used on both dry and wet hair.

Step 3: Cover your shoulders and expose the only area on which you are going to work on. Normally, the fabric doesn’t let the hair stick to your body or clothes as it covers you. The hair just falls on the floor.

Step 4: Insert the blade on the clipper and switch it on.

Step 5: Move the powered on the clipper against the growth of your hair. Scoop the hair when you are reaching the end of the chosen length of the hair which is being buzzed. Also, it is best to blend two blade guards in between different buzzing lengths. And finally clean up the edges around the ears, back and forehead.

Caring for hair clippers is a must. Make sure to wash and clean up the blades after every use. Charge the machine for enough time before the use. You can try on many different styles of haircuts using one hair clipper only. Only the use of different blades should be kept in mind and used accordingly for the desired hairstyle. There is clearly no hassle while using it. You just have to be calm and clear about your cut.