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5 Essential Tips For Any Relationship

5 Essential Tips For Any Relationship

by March 19, 2020 Guide, Relationship

What makes a relationship work? Is it love only? NO. Just being in love does not help. You have to develop the relationship with the strong foundation of trust in each other. But how do you go about it? Is trust built in one day?

The other day, one of my friends was complaining that her spouse did not care for her. She was also concerned that he had something going on in his mind, which she was unaware of. He would rather confide in a lifeless diary, she claimed.

Why do such situations arise? Does my friend have a problem in her relationship? Yes, a little. But it is not that grave to assume it cannot be solved at all. Her problem is what many couples have- lack of trust in each other.

Some important things to be taken care of in any relationship are:


The most important facet of any relationship is proper and clear communication. Hiding things will only develop cracks in the relationship. Be clear in your thoughts and how you put them forward to your partner. Keep him informed about every small little thing going on in your life. This makes the person feel important and loved. He will reciprocate too.

Before he finds out from another source, it is better to tell him everything beforehand as that will reflect honesty in your personality and he will like you even more for it as trust is the backbone of any relationship, something that you cannot find on your regular dating app.

2.Look at the sunny side:

Everybody has something positive about him. Do not always criticize your partner. Try to communicate what you really like about him. Everybody likes to hear nice things about themselves. If it comes from a loved one, it is appreciated more.


3.Trust has to be earned:

When you expect your partner to trust you, have you asked yourself whether you behave in the same way? Many times it so happens that, we miss out on this one point. Always remember, Trust, like Respect, has to be earned, and not asked for.

Your partner will trust you only when you trust him. Trust is like a delicate glass wall, it takes very little to crack. So, don’t let your relationship lose the trust in it. Believe me; your partner will love you all the more, when he is sure that you trust him completely.

4.Be Predictable:

Your better half comes home later than usual, and you are worried. Why didn’t he inform me? So, don’t be unpredictable. It may lead to suspicion. This causes lots of confusion and then leads to mistrust in any relationship. If there is some valid reason for a change in your behavior, let him know about it. Make things clear between the two of you.

5.Don’t say “Yes” when you want to say “No”:

Sometimes, in any relationship, you have to do things which you actually don’t approve of. You do it for somebody because you love him. But this may cause mental discomfort to you, as it is not what you wanted. So learn to say “No” to your partner, when you feel like that. Make him understand why you are saying so. This will reduce confusion and keep you at peace too.

6.Walk the talk:

It is disturbing for your partner to comprehend your behavior, when it does not match what you are always preaching about. Set an example and practice what you preach. Your partner should get the impression that you really abide by what you say. This will further help in building trust in your relationship.