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Small Business Mistakes that Could Prove Fatal for Its Success

Small Business Mistakes that Could Prove Fatal for Its Success

by December 24, 2019 Business

Owning and running a small business is no walk in the park. Between the customers service, providing value in products/services and keeping up with the daily task of running a business it’s easy to overlook many small details. The problem: many of these small details can be fatal.

Not having a website

It’s vital that every small business has a website today. More and more people go online to research and buy products you may be offering. Instead of letting these customers go to your competitors, get online now. You should also be able to use sales software to easily track your sales cycle. Sales lead tracking software tracks online sales.

Not using phones

Some people just want to order by phone. We’re all busy as consumers to swinging by the store or going online can be a hassle. Always leave the opportunity open to place an order by phone.

Not building repeat customers

A new customer comes in, you make the sale and then nothing happens afterward. Customer costs are expensive every time you bring a new one in. Instead of spending a ton of money trying to bring in new customers seek out the ones that have already bought and keep them in the sales funnel.

Not offering tech support

Just because you completely understand how your products and services work doesn’t mean your customers do. When a problem arises, leave the opportunity to contact your business for tech support open. Just a simple tech support call can make or break a good customer experience.

Using business jargon

Each business has its own form of jargon wording. When your customer reads your literature they don’t care about what the industry calls it, they want to have it speak to them. Avoid using business jargon by using words that you’d actually say as part of a casual conversation.

Offering unreliable shipping

Nothing causes more conflict than a faulty shipping experience. Packages are delivered late, damage or worse, not even get there. When this happens the customer immediately associates your business with a bad experience. Always push for shipping that’s not only reliable but is guaranteed to be there on time.

Hiring the wrong people

As a small business owner it’s difficult to gauge people that will fit neatly within your business. On paper your employees may be amazing but when working they could be falling short. Build a small business where every employee syncs with one another, understands the business culture and displays this when interacting with customers.


It’s easy to overlook these seven fatal small business mistakes with so much on your plate. Although they seem small in comparison to the big picture, these several items make up the pillars of a successful small business – don’t make the mistake of overlooking them.