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Using Keyword Spy Tools To Snoop On Competitors

Using Keyword Spy Tools To Snoop On Competitors

by April 16, 2020 Guide, Internet, Spy, Tools

Almost everybody these days seems to have used the auction site eBay to buy or sell stuff at one point or another. eBay seems to be the largest in cyberspace with more than 5 million members. It says something about their rank and popularity. There are casual users of eBay out there, but you come across individuals that actually generate money from eBay while operating from their households. These persons have online businesses which use eBay to generate a full-time income. They buy lots of goods at wholesale costs and spread them out through multiple eBay accounts. This allows them to pass the cost advantage on to the buyers. Many people routinely list more than ten different products for sale through their eBay accounts. There are also sites that provide drop shippers allowing you to deal with products that you physically never even come across. It is also possible to get affiliated to eBay and get an eBay affiliate site. This is your own site that you set up listing products from others. When someone visits the affiliate site and purchases the goods, the affiliate generates a cut. Thus affiliates make money while avoiding having to physically deal with products, including shipping and handling.

I have tried selling on eBay a few times. But I never was good at generating good sales. If you are one of the many people that use eBay to make money through a full-time or part-time business, then you may have come across various helper tools available. These allow you to track your sales, post items for sale, and assist you to find hot selling keywords and also discover which keywords your competitors are using on eBay.

Getting to know the hot keywords that sell on eBay may be good for two main reasons. It allows you to incorporate these keywords on your own item pages. Secondly, it gives you an idea of what are the products that are hot and what are not. For example if you are searching for ‘televisions’ and find 5 million listings then you should know not to sell televisions on eBay because everyone else is selling the same as well. You can use these keyword spy tools to spy on the keywords employed by your competitors. It allows you to see what keywords they are using that you are not using. You can then rewrite the listing copy to add these potential keywords.

There seem to be many different keyword spy type tools available to help you out. A few of the top rated ones are listed here along with a short description.

Keyword Spy is a search engine that can be used to access and compare your keywords with those of others. You can then understand which keywords have higher selling potential and are generating businesses for your rivals. Then you can turn these keywords into leads for your business as well. It is likely that your business will grow when using this research tool.

Pay per click or PPC seems to be the smart way to make money online. It is quite easy to go for publishing programs like YPN and Google Adsense that pay you for every click generated from your site. By using the right keywords you can get more money this way. But the question is how to find the right keywords. A tool called PPC Bully is available for this purpose. It aids you in the research process to seek out profitable campaigns. It allows you to look at what your rivals are campaigning for and the type of products they are selling.

PPC is the perfect weapon to gather an insight into your business rivals campaign and plan your strategy accordingly so that there is no scope for any failure whatsoever along with a visit down the website to learn newer techniques of fool proof spying.

KeyCompete is another innovative tool that allows you to discover new keywords. It goes behind rivals to identify the products they are selling and the keywords they are employing. You can rate your position among your rivals that are using the same keywords for selling. You can find who is new in the marketplace and who is struggling for adequate share of the market.

Finally we can say that these are excellent tools to use when you want to penetrate your rivals. You will be able to find what products your competition is selling, how they are generating the leads, and what keywords they are employing for people to find their products. Keywords are a major part of generating online sales as most of us know. eBay is not any different. If you know the potential keywords your competitor is using and making good money, you can find the phrases and keywords he or she is using and start using them in your own venture also. This could be very easy and ingenious.