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Pamper Your Dog with the Best Dog Grooming Tools

Pamper Your Dog with the Best Dog Grooming Tools

by December 20, 2019 Beauty

Along with lots of love and a healthy diet, grooming is very important to your dogs happiness. A dog that has fleas, tangles and mats, or that has nails that are too long, can be very uncomfortable. But, with all the different dog grooming tools available, there’s no reason that your dog shouldn’t always look and feel his best.

Most dogs get really stressed out when you try to trim their nails, which ends up causing you stress as well. Maybe they’ve had a bad experience and have had their nails cut too short causing bleeding and pain. But, with the Peticure Elite dog grooming tool, you can keep your dogs nails trimmed without stressing him out. Peticure allows you to quickly trim your dogs nails without pain.

The cordless design allows you to use the trimmer anywhere and the rechargeable battery makes it easy to have it ready to go when you need it. The rotary file trims the dogs nails gradually so you don’t need to worry about getting them too short. And, it has 10 speeds so that you can go as slow as you’d like. The Peticure Elite trimmer is priced as low as $29.99.

If you’ve got pets, then they’ve got fleas. It’s fairly impossible to keep fleas off of your pets, especially in the summer when they’re outside running through the grass and weeds. And, if you’ve ever tried flea products like collars and shampoos, then you know that they don’t work as well as they should. One of the best ways to rid your dog of fleas is to use a flea comb

You can’t bath your dog every time he gets a few fleas, it will quickly dry his skin out. A flea comb will remove fleas even when they’re hiding in the fine coat next to your dogs skin. And, you’ll get the added bonus of removing loose hair while you groom your dog. The Resco Pro Series Flea Comb is priced at $14.99 and can be used all over your dogs body to keep him flea free!

Everyone needs a good brush for their dog. A quality brush will keep your dogs coat looking great and remove all the loose hair before it finds it’s way on to your furniture and clothing. The Resco Pro Series Combo brush gives you a two sided brush that has stainless steel pins on one side that makes it easy to remove mats and tangles and nylon pins to give your dogs coat that finished look. And, it’s priced at only $9.99. So while you are having your best laser hair removal in nj, your dog is also enjoying his me time.

A multi purpose 3 In 1 Grooming Glove is a must have to keep your dog looking his best. Your dog will think he’s just getting love as you rub his coat with this flexible glove. The glove has a fabric side that can be used to remove loose hair and dander. And, a rubber side that is great at bath time to remove dirt and grime. The glove is one size fits all and it’s $9.99.

The Shampoo Bather Brush is another great grooming tool for dogs. This 2 in 1 dog grooming brush has a reservoir that will hold 2 ounces of shampoo. It takes all the hassle and aggravation out of bathing your dog and removes loose hair, massages your dogs skin to stimulate the release of healthy oils and reduces shedding. It’s a must have dog grooming tool that is bargain priced at $6.99.