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Vape Tips For Beginners

Vape Tips For Beginners

by October 24, 2019 Tips

When the time has come that you finally want to turn to vaping, you need to understand that there are a lot of things and factors that you have to consider. But before anything first, you have to understand as well that quitting smoking is never an easy task because there is a learning curve to this hobby. So whether you want to quit traditional smoking or would like to try smoking as your first time using vape, you are on the right place, this article will give you the best vaping tips that you will ever get.

Disassemble Your Device at Night

You may see this tips as not so important one but in the end, you need to realize that this is actually crucial. It is good attitude and routine to always remove the atomizer or also known as your vape tank most especially it it was recently filled with an electronic liquid. With this, you can prevent and avoid any spills or leaks that may happen any time. Usually, if the juice of your vape makes some contact with the button of the device, it might result to the entire damage to your device to the point that you will no longer be able to use it.

Always check for cracking

Most of sellers of vape in the market will warn you before you purchase an electronic cigarette device that not all vape tanks are equally created. This only shows that there are chances and tendencies that you might be using some certain juices in stone tanks. You need to be aware that plastic tanks can warp or crack with particular juices. With this said, it is advisable to choose glass tanks instead of plastic tanks to avoid this kind of issue.

Maintenance of Your Juice

Another factor that you need to know and consider is the maintenance of your juice. As a rule of thumb in vaping, it is better to always shake your e-liquid before using it. This is to ensure that the PG/VG mixture and the nicotine are well mixed. As such, you can get a good quality of vape.


Just like any other parts of a vape machine, your battery is also an important factor that you need to carefully check out. It is considered as the most important single piece of your device. Generally, most of the users of vape would opt not to over tighten the screws of the batteries. Doing so could damage the condition of the battery or charger. It is advisable to always remove the device from the charger once the battery is full already.

Starter kits

Lastly, one of the best tips that you may want to consider is to try out a starter kit. This is ideal for every beginner because one of the challenges of beginners is that they are having a hard time to know what they need and where to get it from. But with starter kits, you have everything that you need. Hence, it could be easier for you to explore the world of vaping and of course, you can enjoy and have some fun.

Ultimately, as a beginner, it is better to be aware and informed first to have an amazing vaping experience. So what are you waiting for, go now and have some black Friday vape deals 2019.