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How To Properly And Stylishly Wear Hoop Earrings While Remaining Humble

How To Properly And Stylishly Wear Hoop Earrings While Remaining Humble

by October 24, 2019 Ideas

In this modern world of fashion and accessories, earrings are not just piece of accessory; rather, it is considered now as the bringer of class, sophistication and elegance. It could also be a statement of a woman’s personality. Hence, in this age when women are achieving great things, it is very necessary that they also keep their feet on the ground. But that can prove difficult most especially if they are wearing the most known accessory that they are someone that should not be messed up with. So if you’re one of them, you are in the right place, this article will provide you some tips on how to wear hoop earrings and not let it go to your head.

Try little hoops

One of the best ways to wear hoop earrings and at the same time, managing the size of your head is to organize and control the size of the hoop itself. So instead of choosing full on, such as JLO in 2001 mega hoops, you should try some little hoops. Hence, it should come with tasteful and delicate characteristics. Doing so will let you keep the value of modesty in spite of the fact that it could be breakable anytime.

Wear a shitty outfit

Moreover, you should also be able to know that there is nothing greater than distracting from a pair of hot ass hoop earrings than your outfit itself. Hence, you must wear something stained or torn or you may opt to dress like you own everything. In this light, people will be forced to realize your aesthetic as a relaxed and chill individual who is really very humble, down to earth instead of the opposite characteristics. Baby hoop earrings are the best pair to show this character.

Volunteer as you keep them

Your hoop earrings may be intimidating to a lot of people and you may get some negative impressions from other people. But the truth is, you should never allow these negative impressions to you dictate that you really are. Fashion is changing over time. Hence, gone are the days when a specific article of clothing or piece of accessory remains its function as it is. Thus, you can volunteer in any charity works or outreach programs as you wear your hoop earrings. In this way, you can stylishly wear your hoop earrings and at the same time, not let it go to your head.

Just go with the flow

However, if these mentioned tips don’t work for you, then the last resort that you can deal with is to just lean into it. Always remember that wearing hoop earrings will require you a certain level of energy, confident, and courage. So you no longer have to worry about being stylish and at the same time look like a stylish individual or woman with high sense of fashion.  So what are you waiting for? You can go ahead and rock those huge hoops! You can wear any tiny ass bodycon dress and at the same time, you are at it.

Overall, since earrings project our own personal preference and our own personality, wearing hoop ones should not be compromised. There are several tips that you can follow to properly and stylishly wear your hoop earrings and at the same time, remain humble.